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3 Steps for a Home Sweet-Smelling Home

by Tiffany in A Green Home

Looking for quick and easy ways to freshen up the home? Of course you are. There is nothing that helps lighten the mood more for me than smell. I love fresh clean flowery scents in spring, coconutty fruity smells in summer, the smell of spices and apples in Fall, and various scents in winter such as pine and sugar cookies. When the house smells good I am more than likely to want to tackle my to-do list and stay productive throughout the day. With that in mind I often try to consciously make sure my house smells good. Other times I am working in emergency mode because the garbage sat just a bit too long in the kitchen or the laundry basket in the bathroom is emitting a musty smell. Either way here are some ways to make your home sweet home just a bit sweeter…

Step 1: Get Rid of the Stinky Stuff

You have to remove the source of any unsavory smells before you can bring on the fresh. Don’t try to mask odors, get rid of them. This often means doing a bit of cleaning…

  • Use vinegar, Castile soap, baking soda, and citrus oils (lemon, sweet orange, lime) to thoroughly clean surfaces, sinks, tubs, garbage cans, and any other areas where smelly stuff lurks
  • Launder bedspreads and pillows
  • Clean your carpets, upholstery, rugs, and drapes – Try this Natural Carpet Cleaner Recipe
  • Pour boiling water down drains and crush up some lemon peels in the garbage disposal
  • Clean up any pet areas thoroughly
  • Clean underneath couches, recliners, and other big pieces of furniture

Step 2: Improve Air Circulation & Ventilation

  • Open doors and windows whenever you can, even if it is for 5-10 minute increments
  • Change your furnace/AC filter
  • Bring live plants indoors
  • Run an air purifier

Step 3: Bring on The Sweet Smells

  • Bake/Cook – Put some beef stew on the crockpot or bake some Banana Zucchini Bread
  • Put cut flowers and herbs in vases
  • Add 10 drops of your favorite essential oil to two cups of baking soda, sprinkle on the floor, leave for 5- 10 minutes and vacuum up
  • Burn a beeswax or soy candle with a natural cotton wick – I am loving Caldrea candles at the moment
  • Wash laundry and sheets with essential oils (tea tree, peppermint) and then hang outside to dry
  • Simmer sweet stuff in a pot… try things like cloves, cinnamon, apple peels, orange rinds, dried lavender, bay leaves, etc.

Lastly take a deep breath and enjoy…

  • Small Footprints

    Great suggestions … and all Eco-friendly! I particularly like the idea of opening doors and windows … there’s just something about fresh air … it smells so good! Thanks for these tips!

  • Brooke

    Awesome post! I love it and I so appreciate your dedication to non-toxic, environmentally friendly ways to accomplish everyday tasks. I try to be as eco-friendly as possible and it gives me motivation and inspiration to keep doing what I’m doing when I see others doing it too :-)

    • Thanks. The eco status of everything that comes into my house is always a factor.

  • Jen

    All great ideas, and I love that no where on the list is a plugin of any kind. Those fake smells always smell… fake! Your natural ideas are a much fresher way to go!

  • Lisa C

    Baking and fresh flowers are my favorite ways to spruce up the scent in my house. I also use baking soda in the diaper pail to ward of those smells. :)

  • Mama to 5 Blessings

    Great ideas, love the idea of sweet home smells!

  • Sorry

    Great suggestions. My house can get smelly because I have three cats and poor air circulation.

  • Emily

    As soon as the weather breaks I open a window in front of my house and a window in the back so that the air will circulate through. I feel like homes are so much fresher when air is moving through.