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Eco-friendly Baby Shower Gifts

by Tiffany in Birth & Baby

Cloth diapers

I get invited to a lot of baby showers and that means I buy a lot of gifts for new moms. I think it’s really important to give eco-friendly gifts—better for the baby, mom and the environment.

To buy eco-friendly baby shower gifts always choose items:

• • ·  made from 100% natural materials that are chemical free, or

• • ·  made from recycled products, or

• • ·  that are Fair Trade products, or

• • ·  that are reusable or recyclable.

Most baby shower gifts fall into three general categories: practical, sentimental, or something for mom. Here are some suggestions and guidelines for finding eco-friendly gifts in any of these categories.


New moms to be often register for practical things like bottles, strollers, and baby monitors. Shopping for something off the registry is courteous and always appreciated. Go eco-friendly when you can. For example, choose something like clothing. Often the eco-friendly choice is higher quality—and frankly, more expensive—so mom will appreciate the upgrade.

Always look for fabrics that are 100% natural, chemical-free fibers. For toys, stay away from plastic and synthetic materials and opt for wooden or other natural materials. Another great gift idea is natural baby skin care products that are gentle for babies and great for the environment.


Sentimental gifts are a good choice if you have a close relationship with mom or she already has most of the necessities. Everyone always coos over handmade blankets, hats and at baby showers. These are a great eco-friendly choice because, of course, you have control over the types of materials you use to make them.

High quality books are a wonderful choice that will be used time and time again for years to come. Select books with particular meaning to you, or from this great list: Building Baby’s First Library: 25 Must-Have Books. Be sure to write a personal note on the inside cover with the date.

Personalized gifts are always a hit at baby showers. You can go with a classic gift like an engraved silver baby spoon, or add personalized embroidery to onesies or blankets.

Something for mom

Sometimes, a gift for mom is the way to go. Consider things like reusable nursing pads, a breast pump, comfortable all natural PJs, a baby care book, or a basket of all natural spa products to pamper herself.

Gift certificates for a massage or spa service will remind her to take care of herself which many new moms forget to do. Another great idea is giving her a gift card for a healthy meal delivery service that she can use after the baby is born when she’s going to be too tired to cook for herself.

What if mom isn’t into eco-friendly?

While it is important to look for eco-friendly baby shower gifts, you also want to respect what mom likes and values. Be sure to consider these questions:

• ·  Is she registered? If so, consider buying something off the registry.

• • ·  Does she have other children? If so, she likely has some staples of parenthood already.

• • ·  Is the baby a boy or girl? If the mother doesn’t know, or isn’t telling, you’ll need to stick with gender neutral gifts.

• • ·  Has mom picked a nursery theme yet? If so, you might look for something that coordinates.

You don’t want to force eco-friendly on her so if she’s not into cloth diapers, by all means, don’t give them to her. You don’t need to give bags of pampers either though. Instead select something like onesies or bedding, based on the answers to the questions above, where you have lots of great eco-friendly options.

  • Kathryn Grace

    You are so right: Moms do appreciate the upgrade to the better made organic and eco-friendly products. I buy only those products for my grandchildren and grand nieces and nephews. Their parents are always generous with smiles for those gifts because they feel they cannot afford to buy as many of them for their children as they would like. Thanks for posting this. I’m off to see what you recommend in baby skin care.

  • Ashley Allman

    Great tips! I can sometimes be an offender of going off the registry in favor of something organic/sentimental, but a beautiful, well thought out gift is usually appreciated, even by moms that aren’t into natural products.

  • Alex

    Tiffany, you are a savior. I m scheduled to go for three Baby Showers in the next month and I m so happy to have come across your blog. You know my favorite line of the blog : “Personalized gifts are always a hit at baby showers.”

    I am always looking for some thing like this. You know ..check out for some great ideas and baby gifts. I found this while shopping online when I had to attends my first cousins baby shower