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Has Your Life Been Touched By Breast Cancer?

by Tiffany in Tidbits

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Breast cancer always seem to be at the forefront of the news and media. We are bombarded by the latest research and studies, conflicting information about risk and prevention, environmental causes, instances of “pinkwashing”, and of course the more sensational stuff like Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy. It is hard to make heads or tails of anything you hear about breast cancer…at least it is for me. What breast cancer news can you trust and actually use?

In many ways my own journey with cancer was a piece of cake in comparison. Colon cancer just isn’t as newsworthy I guess and treatment doesn’t vary too much. Yet lately I have been trying to muddle through the data and the latest information regarding breast cancer because it has touched my life quite intimately. A loved one in my life has inflammatory breast cancer (one of the rarest and deadliest kinds) and of course I have taken to the Internet to read up on it.

When you are going through cancer or someone in your life is you have almost daily questions. Cure rates, treatment options, surgical options, treatment myths, stages, nutrition, side effects, and reducing risk are all things you find yourself wondering about and wanting to research. You also seek out others who are going through what you are. I have come to some pretty eye opening conclusions about breast cancer after my own research and first hand experience as I come along for the ride. My own battle with a different cancer in no way prepared me for the special brand of nasty that is breast cancer. Everything about it is different including treatment. Who knew that there were so many different types chemotherapy? Even for the same type of cancer. Not me. is a site I have been visiting often lately. It covers all sorts of health topics for women but their sections on various cancers are pretty helpful. It is hard not to be fearful of breast cancer when you have it in your family, especially when it is that rare cancer with the lowest survival rate. For me though it is empowering to be informed…

  • Christy Garrett

    I haven’t personally know anyone close that has had breast cancer. It is a ugly disease and I wish there was a cure so that women wouldn’t have to go through it.

  • Beadzoid

    My Mum had it when I was young. Thankfully she survived. I worry I’ll have it and not be so lucky now I have my own daughter – the thought of being taken from her *shudder* I’m glad you recovered and hope that your loved one does too.