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Liquid Iron for Energy and Vitality

by Tiffany in Health & Healing


It is a little hobby of mine to window shop the supplement isle at health food stores. There are so many amazing options for those of who want to take charge of our health. My husband likes to look at all the protein powders, pouring over the ingredients list and I am drawn to natural sleep aids, hormonal support products, and also any product that uses natural ingredients to boost energy and vitality. I have seen Gaia Herbs products dozens of times…picked them up, read the labels and descriptions, etc but until last month never purchased. I really want to try to so many different products (Gaia’s included) but one could go broke fast if they don’t keep it in check.

As I said though I did finally try one of their products last month…the PlantForce™ Liquid Iron.  Iron is an important mineral that can help you feel more energetic, vibrant and alive. When it is lacking we get tired. Iron actually enables your blood to deliver oxygen to each of your cells…which they need to function properly. It is crucial for our vitality and stamina to get enough iron and liquid iron supplements are typically the best delivery system for rapid assimilation.

Now I don’t typically think of myself as a prime target for low iron levels since I am paleo and very carnivorous. My schedule and overall activity changed recently though. I am going, going, going constantly it feels like with long days standing and moving. Gone are the days of sitting at a computer for most of the day. Being gone and moving so much also makes it harder to eat paleo 100% so I have been eating less of the stuff I need and want. Good riddance to being chained to my desk every day I say but it got me thinking about stamina and energy. My first plan of attack was to adjust my diet…eat more and eat a bit differently. That requires so much planning though (which I am not so good at). I also started playing around with supplements, like Gaia Herbs PlantForce™ Liquid Iron, so that I would not be tempted to drink coffee and energy drinks. Thus far I have been very pleased with the results. I expect to be able to rise at 4:00-4:30ish every day without coffee or stimulants and be on the move for 10+ hours. So far, so good.

Liquid iron is usually metallic tasting and hard to take in my experience. This product is much easier to take, especially if it is really cold. It much more palatable than any other I have tried and if you drink a little orange juice afterwards, you are good to go. It has organic elderberry juice for a berry flavor, organic honey that lightly sweetens, essential oil of sweet orange & extract of star anise lend a hint of citrus and spice. It’s a pretty nice combo.

It also has…

Acerola fruit extract – naturally occurring Vitamin C that supports iron absorption at cellular level.

Sea Buckthorn fruit juice – naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that promotes absorption.

Beet root juice – naturally rich in elemental iron.

Parsley leaf – Elemental iron and Vitamin C that supports iron absorption at the cellular level.

Nettle Leaf – elemental Iron phosphate.

Dandelion leaf – Vitamins A&C & naturally occurring elemental iron supports liver and promotes absorption.

Fennel seed – Supports body’s ability to neutralize gas or bloating.

Yellow Dock root – Iron phosphate, which promotes absorption.

What it does…

• Provides elemental iron

• Promotes iron absorption

• Supports red blood cell production

• Stimulates cellular energy

• Supports liver

• Optimizes body’s ability to neutralize gas and bloating

Gaia Herbs PlantForce™ Liquid Iron is a plant based herb and mineral formula which many people love (especially vegetarians). It is also made with 85% organic ingredients! It is non-constipating, which is important because conventional iron supplements can really plug things up. It is also appropriate for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

I have gotten in the habit of taking it every morning when I start my day, usually first thing because I am not quick to develop an appetite and this seems to get things rolling for me. It gives me the energy I need until I do feel like eating but in general I like the way I feel and the amount of energy I have when I am consistently taking it. If you need an iron supplement or just want o make sure your bases are covered I highly recommend giving this one a whirl.

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This post is written in connection with Gaia Herbs and Green Sisterhood.

  • Anna @GreenTalk

    I love this product. It really works. Since I started the menopause train, I been so exhausted. After taking the liquid iron for a month, I feel so much like my old bad self. I am glad you like it too.

    • GreenDivaMeg

      you old ‘bad’ self . . . ha ha ha . . . i’m right there w/ ya on the menopause train! watch out world, we are armed w/ Gaia Herbs PlantForce Liquid Iron!!!

  • Sam Marinelli

    I have never tried this product, but it seems like a great choice. I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks for the review.


  • GreenDivaMeg

    ha ha ha – window shopping in the supplement aisle! i do that too. great post. thanks for the info!

  • Nanette

    Don’t overdo on iron. When you’re menstruating, you lose iron in the blood you pass. I was anemic for years and didn’t know it. After menopause, when you’re no longer loosing blood every month, your body may not need as much iron as before.
    When I first started taking supplements, I found that Better Health International had much better prices than local stores. I found them on the Internet. I have no personal connection with them. I just like their prices.