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Supporting Children in Need

by Tiffany in Social Good

Two children beggingI have three healthy kiddos. It hasn’t always been so and we have our fair share of issues (autism) but all in all I am grateful everyday for everything we have and for our circumstances in general. There are so many children throughout this country and the world that are not so fortunate. This is why I to donate to children’s charities whenever I can, both local and global. It is easy to decide to send that extra $50 in the budget to the principle on your car loan but sending it to a reliable charity that helps children is also an excellent placement for that money and the good feeling you get cannot be surpassed.

UNICEF has many kids charity initiatives that are set up to help children living in poor conditions. They do good work all the time for needy children. Right now though they are urgently seeking support for their emergency appeals – namely the Syria Crisis and the Philippines Typhoon Haiyan. They use these funds to distribute therapeutic food, soap, medicine, health kits, water, and hygiene kits in the areas devastated by these disasters.

The latest estimates indicate that up to 5 million children may have been impacted by Typhoon Haiyan. I have family in the Philippines, including to nephews, so this issue hits a soft spot with me.

Children in Syria bear the brunt of the continuing violence there. Funds donated to this cause go towards trauma counseling, school supplies, and the basics (food, clothing, water, blankets, etc) for those that had to flee their home and leave everything behind.

I have never experienced a natural disaster. I have never had to flee my home in a time of war. I sit on my behind in movie theaters and watch stories about these things but I have never experienced anything even remotely similar. In gratitude I think the least I can do is make sure some of my money goes to helping those that are no so lucky, each and every month.

 Donate to Unicef’s charity projects here

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

1 Comment on Supporting Children in Need

  • James Paulson

    I must commend you for taking such an ardent stance on a crucial issue. Keep up the good work for the children of Syria!