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My Week With the Kia Forte

by Tiffany in Green Cars


Another week, another Kia. This time I got to test drive the Kia Forte. I must say up front that I fell in love with the fully loaded Kia Soul and any other car will suffer in comparison but this was a solid little car. I love the color and the body style. It also had some of the familiar perks that I love…hello rear view camera and satellite radio.

The gas mileage was about 22-24 mpg. Nothing to write home about there so I wouldn’t call it green, even though it has the “Eco” drive feature. But the budget still makes this a good car for those who don’t want $600 a month car payments. The price tag is only about $16K. Most of the green cars I drove in 2013/2014 were well over the 30K mark. You have to pay for green and some people just don’t have that kid of spending money. Kia makes very good cars though, for lower price points.

Other features:

Fog Lights
Auto Light Control
Navigation System
Bluetooth Wireless Capability
USB/Auxillary Input Jack

I continue to be impressed with the quality and price points for Kia vehicles. Even if they aren’t as green as I would like, that seems to be a rare find these days…for any car manufacturing company.


  • Lori Popkewitz Alper

    We are on the same car testing circuit! I love it. This is a cute little car. I agree, hard to compare to the loaded Kia Soul. I miss that car!

  • This sounds like a great car. We have an Elantra that gets better gas mileage than the Forte. I want a back up camera with my next car. If you get the chance, opt for the dodge durango for a big SUV it gets decent gas mileage. I feel in love with the durango.