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Healthy Snacking With OneBar

by Tiffany in Healthy Eating


I am not a big fresh fruit eater. I just don’t usually care to grab an apple or an orange, or any fruit really to snack on. Maybe occasionally I might grab a banana or a slice of watermelon (if I am cutting it for the kids) but that is about it. I prefer to eat my “fruit” in some kind of nut/fruit bar or in a green smoothie. Sometimes I have to consciously try to get some fruit into my diet and that is when some kind of snack bar is perfect. That way I can just toss one in my lunch bag or grab one on my way out the door for a quickie snack and I don’t have to feel quite so bad that I am not eating fruit. I also get the benefits of diversity when I eat fruits I would almost never grab for fresh…apples, pears, cherries, mango, etc.

This is why I have been enjoying OneBar. Each bar has a full serving of fruit and the ingredients list is minimal and simple, mostly just fruit and a bit of fruit juice. No added sugar, gluten, or wheat. The bars also contain Baobab, a super fruit new to the US, but well loved for centuries in Africa (especially among nursing mothers). It is fair-trade sourced and full of antioxidants and this fruit product is one of the few that you can get here with Baobab in it. It is said to have more nutrition packed inside it than any other super fruit. Baobab has nearly six times the amount of potassium found in bananas, lots of vitamin C and is a great source of fiber and magnesium.

I love that OneBar fruit works with a paleo diet and that they are small enough to take with me if I am going to be away from home for a spell. Having a snack bar on me means I am not going to cave and get something from a vending machine. Nothing good comes from a vending machine. Plus they are super tasty! The cherry is my fave.



  • Kimberly S Jones

    I would take a one bar in the car with me for those “I’m hungry” moments coming from the back seat!

  • Suzanne

    I’d leave a couple in my purse and a box in the car. When hunger strikes, I’d much rather me and the kids eat one of those instead of something junky.

  • kaylee long

    I love bars for when I’m not very hungry or when I’m in a hurry. I’ve never heard of these but very interested in trying them. I usually keep bars in my purse for quick snacks when I’m on the go (which is often being a busy stay at home mom) for both my son and I, and keep them in my pantry for a quick grab. I usually have quest bars, but these sound better.

  • Rust

    In my backpack for a healthy snack on the go.

  • saniel

    At the playground, we go to the park often so having these in the bag with reusable bottles, bug repellent, napkins cloth and hand sanitizer will come in handy.

  • tanya

    my purse for a quick snack when on the road

  • Sara

    Would take this in my purse for all our summer outings – water, hats, snacks & go!

  • Paula

    I would grab some bars for me and my grandchildren when hiking to the river.

  • Kendra

    I’d keep a couple in my bag for snacks on the go, but they look pretty good and I feel like I’d end up eating them before I had a chance to take them out of the house.

  • dominique lily

    This looks great ! I can’t wait to try! thanks for your post !

    Domi x

  • randy burton

    Don’t forgot about YummyHealth bar is a new kind of snack food company, founded by a Mom searching for better snack options for her kids. YummySnack products include six delicious flavors of “better-than-candy” bars made of wholesome real-food ingredients and three flavors of crunchy snack chips made from 99% real Wisconsin cheese.