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Happy Labor Day Weekend: Important Road Trip Tips

by Tiffany in Green Holidays

Labor Day Road Trip Family

For years, Labor Day weekend has remained one of the most popular celebrations in America. After all it is the last big weekend of the season. Kids and adults alike want to squeeze in just a little more “summer”. Although some people choose to relax at home, there are others who plan to hit the road and take a trip. Here are a few important Labor Day travel tips to keep in mind.

Make sure the car is in tip-top shape

Before hitting the highway, the vehicle needs to be in tip-top condition. In order to prevent disaster on the road and avoid a holiday interruptus headache, the braking system definitely needs to be inspected. Some other maintenance items that must be checked include the oil level, the tire pressure, and the coolant. Just to be on the safe side, it is always a good idea to bring along an extra quart of motor oil. Renting a car is another option for the drivers who do not want to put any extra wear and tear on their personal vehicle. If you have older vehicles this is the way to go!!

Pack plenty of healthy snacks

To stay energized along the way and avoid any irritating behavior associated with hungry kids, it is advisable to pack plenty of snacks. Children can get especially cranky when they are hungry. I can too, to be perfectly honest. Due to the inevitable holiday traffic, it is best to minimize the number of unnecessary stops made during the trip. Some of the best snacks include apple slices, energy bars, dried fruit, trail mix, popcorn, and sandwiches. Reusable water bottles are also a must-have item. Fill them up at drinking fountains everywhere you stop.

Book a room in advance

During Labor Day weekend, hotels in Orlando tend to get booked very quickly. Instead of waiting until the last minute to find a hotel, it is advisable to book the room well in advance. When searching for a hotel, make sure that the hotel has a good rating. A bad hotel can actually ruin the entire vacation experience. While a basic hotel may suit the needs of some travelers, some people may desire just a tad bit more luxury. Some of the highly-recommended features include exercise rooms, hot tubs, in-room kitchens, swimming pools, and tennis courts. The presence of security personnel will also give the guests an extra peace of mind.

Take rest stops

A few rest stops should be scheduled on the road trip. Not only will the rest stop help the driver to re-focus, but it also gives everyone else an opportunity to stretch their legs. Pick some scenic or historic spots if possible. This is the perfect time for the travelers to take a bathroom break. According to travel experts, walking around the parking lot will help to promote blood circulation.

Pay attention to the weather

When traveling a long distance, the weather can change drastically from one area to the next. This means that someone in the family needs to keep tabs on the weather. By downloading a weather app to your cell phone, the co-pilot can easily stay updated on the forecast.

There is no denying the excitement of a Labor Day weekend road trip and preparation is one of the keys to having a great time. These tips should steer vacationers in the right direction!

Labor Day Road Trip Tips

This article was written and provided by Fiona Moriarty of Hipmunk, the ultimate platform for all your travel needs.

  • Myrah – Coupon Mamacita

    These are such great tips. Believe it or not, I know people who travel with a planning strategy of, “I’m sure there will be a place with a vacancy.” O_o

  • Melissa Pezza

    My husband always gives our car a thorough top to bottom before any road trip. It’s important to make sure everything is in order.

  • Jason Nail

    Good ideas. I figure kids that are raised to enjoy traveling will be great travelers themselves one day.

  • These are great tips! We love taking road trips in the summer

  • Chrysa Duran

    These are some handy tips! We love road trips, but will be flying this year.

  • Lisa

    Great tips! We are going out of town this weekend so I appreciate the tips. Thanks!