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Best Gifts for Crossfitters – Women’s Edition

by Tiffany in Fitness

Best Gifts for Women Crossfitters

I am a woman and a CrossFitter. I absolutely LOVE to get new fitness gear and CrossFit apparel and shoes. I think I am not alone in this borderline obsession with fitness goodies either because CrossFitters are some of the most stylish cats out there! It is not uncommon to hear us gab about someone’s awesome new shoes, knee high socks, or where in the world one can get that awesome hoodie. Fitness becomes our passion and our favorite past time so of course we want to look good while doing our thing and since we spend so much time at the gym…that is what we “dress up” for.

Fitness companies have taken notice too. You can get minimalist shoes in every color of the rainbow and knee high socks customized with CrossFit lingo. So what will a lady CrossFitter like to get for Christmas, birthdays, or just because? Here are some ideas.

Shoes: Hello! Shoes are incredibly important for CrossFitters. They need to be able to handle lots of cross training….running, jumping, olympic weight lifting, etc. Shoes specific to running probably won’t work for lifting and vice versa and no one wants to change shoes in the middle of a WOD.

Toe shoes are pretty common in CrossFit boxes so the KomodoSport LS Shoe or some Fila Women’s Skele-Toes are nice possibilities.

Inov-8 makes a good looking, rather minimalist shoe that has become popular among CrossFitters. They look pretty snazzy too!

But the big daddy of CrossFit shoes is the Reebok Nano. Pretty much all the CrossFit Games competitors and elite athletes are sporting them and it is no wonder because Reebok has a vested interest in CrossFit so they are making gear designed to please this group of athletes.

reebok nano crossfit shoes

Head Gear: We women tend to have longer hair and that is a royal pain in the you-know-what when we are working out. The headbands that Olivia Newton John sported are just not gonna cut it these days. I recommend Sweaty Bands and Bondi Bands. They would make great stocking stuffers!

Equipment: In general most of the stuff we work out with is at the box (what we call a gym). I have little desire to have a bunch of dumbbells, barbells w/plates, and kettlebells laying around. Too much to store and the action happens away from home if at all possible.

Stuff I DO want around in my off time would include a speedy jump rope (to practice those double unders), resistance bands for stretching, a foam roller for working  tight muscles, and Lacrosse Balls for those hard to reach muscles that need some massaging. Though if you want to go all out…most CrossFitters would not mind having a set of rings or a pullup bar at their disposal.

Workout Clothing: This one is a no brainer. We women want to look GOOD during our WODs (CrossFit speak for workout of the day). Our bodies also tend to change quite a bit after we have been working out this way for while. It is a continuous change as we get stronger and the clothes we started out in become lose in some places and tighter in others. Clothing designed for Crossfitting is a blessing. The best place to get functional workout wear is the Reebok Store.

Gym tanks tops and tees are a good bet, as are good sports bras. Compression clothing is much desired. On the fun side though I recommend knee high socks in funky colors and prints or with witty slogans. These babies save our shins and legs when we are doing rope climbs and deadlifts.

striped sock

You also can’t go wrong with slogan tees. There are some GREAT ones out there! You might want to check out the local box where the lady in question works out and see if they sell shirts with their own logo, those would be most welcome I am sure. We take great pride in our gym/box.

Paleo-Primal Cookbooks and Food: The lady in question may or may not be paleo. You should know right? Many crossfitters are, or at least try to be most of the time. Some good cookbooks include:

Eating paleo can also be spendy so any CrossFitter would be over the moon to be gifted with sustenance. Gift certificates for local butchers, Whole Foods, Tropical Traditions (coconut products), and online sources of grassfed meats would be amazeballs. Other welcome items might be a homemade gift basket of LaraBars and beef jerky, a case of coconut water, or some high quality fish oils.

I hope this list gives you some good ideas for your lady CrossFitter!!

Best Gifts for Crossfitters Women

  • Roopa

    Hi Tiffany. I am thinking of starting crossfit and hence doing my reading on the web since I am extremely hesitant. Crossfit’s have such ‘fit’ people which is overwhelming. I have been in and out of hospital from past 6 months and the medications have severely taken a toll on my body. severe weight gain, muscle atrophy, joints pain are some to mention. I want to be healthy and energetic and hence thought about crossfit. I am not an exercise person and definitely not a treadmill/gym person. been there done that. I definitely need to lose weight. is crossfit the way to go? advice please.