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Creative Ways to Use Fall Apples

by Tiffany in Eating Local

bushel apples sm

Who doesn’t love apples in the fall right? I usually have plenty because I buy them by the bushel. Soon I will be picking them by the bushel as my own apples trees mature. Yay! I know I will always be interested in MORE ways to use up apples!

YouTuber Ally helps welcome autumn with this tasty seasonal fruit. Tune in for her sweet-meets-savory recipe and a quick trick for turning apples into the perfect DIY centerpiece.

  • Ashley @irishred02

    I love Fall time for the food! Making homemade Apple Pie is my favorite use for apples. Second would be applesauce!

  • I love that candle idea …. I bet my husband would like that sandwich!

  • maria @ close to home

    I saw this video on MOde too. I think this is such clever ideas to use for Thanksgiving.

  • Chastity Beene

    Such great ideas. I have been wanting to make the candle, just haven’t had time

  • Those are some pretty unique ways to use apples and this reminds me I haven’t made apple crisp yet this year. Need to remedy that asap.

  • These are great ideas! I love apples and am always up for a good apple pie. But they’re such a great fall centerpiece and decoration, too.

  • I really love those apple candle holders! What an easy and festive idea!