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Wearable GPS Trackers – Is This the Future of Child Safety?

by Tiffany in Children

Have a Child Who Wanders

I remember a conversation I had from years ago in a moms group when my kids were much smaller. They were discussing the concept of “chipping”children like you do pets. I was firmly in the camp of heck yes, as long as it was safe. Even though I am very far removed from the role of helicopter parent I won the autism lottery and was blessed with not one, but two autistic children. The challenges are numerous but two challenge in our case at least, are that they wander and they are quick to forget safety rules.

My youngest in particular has always wandered. He has no concept of danger, not from walking out in traffic and not from taking off in a crowded place. He has the impulse and he just goes with it. Whenever we go anywhere as a family I am constantly looking over my shoulder to look for him every minute or two and it is not uncommon to utter the phrase “Where’s Parker?” 20 times in day during a family outing. Luckily he hasn’t realized that holding his mom’s hand is uncool yet or it would be much worse.

not your child GPSHaving a child who simply does not comprehend that he could get lost or separated from me if he wanders off is HUGE. This is one reason why it is in his IEP that he is picked up and dropped off at his front door instead of left at a bus stop. Supervision with him is critical and yet we can’t watch every second of every day. I recall that on the first day of his bus transit the driver forgot about his IEP requirement and dropped him at a bus stop about 2 houses down from ours. I heard the bus from inside the house and stood at the open door waiting for him. What I saw was him streaking past our home and towards a busy cross street. Had I not run out and started screaming his name I am not sure how that one would have ended.

Another issue with this child in particular is that I believe firmly he would go anywhere, with anyone, if they lured him. We have discussed safety and strangers but you are talking about a child with no concept of what is socially acceptable behavior himself so you cannot expect him to recognize suspicious behavior in others. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

I am often worried about my own child putting himself in harm’s way.

It was of great interest to me to see that a company called Not Your Child was running with the concept of wearable GPS trackers. Not so scary as an implant but still accomplishing the same thing. The tech provides a safe way to know where your child is, and how to find him or her if they have wandered away and are lost. Not Your Child™  will also help authorities to track missing children more effectively. It’s all about keeping our kids safe. The device is comfortable, it’s accurate, and it can be tracked online.

It works in 104 countries so it can be used while traveling. It is both web and app based, so data is accessible anywhere and notifications can be received via email, SMS, or push notifications on iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices. It is available for purchase on their web site.

Is this the future of child safety?

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This post was written in partnership with Not Your Child Corp. but as always the opinions I share here are my own and based on my own world view.

  • Tanya

    To me the most important features are that it is durable, and has a long lasting battery

    • Not Your Child Corp.

      Yes! Those are terrific features too dear! Fanastic!

  • Wendy @ ABC’s and Garden Peas

    I think it’s great that this device works in 104 countries and can be used while traveling. That’s probably when I would want to use it the most. The fact that it’s comfortable to wear is a big plus, too.

  • I can’t imagine having a child that wanders. (HUGS). I do think REGULAR GPS tacking of some sort is likely for our future.

    • Not Your Child Corp.

      Hi wheelchairmommy
      You should get a great – not a regular gps

      A GPS like ours gives you your own platform with customizable features like fall down alerts, S.O.S and speed alerts. Ours is also super accurate as our technology includes GSM.

  • I would really love something like this, especially for my wandering toddler. When we go hiking I always feel like I’m one bend away from losing him!

  • Chastity Beene

    My child has never wondered – thank goodness. But my nephew does, which is so scary! Will share with my SIL.

  • This summer I was babysitting my nephew on the 4th of July. One of the kids playing at the park we were at went missing in the crowds of people and his mother was frantic with worry. I remember watching her and thinking this has to be a parent’s worst nightmare come true. A wearable tracking device has got to give at least a little more peace of mind, especially for the super curious child.

    • Not Your Child Corp.

      Yes it does. Especially ours as it is super accurate and extremely customizable as well as functional for over103 countries.

  • This is a great monitor for young children, especially when they are starting to walk. I remember when my son was around 2 years old he was walking and running everywhere. this would of came in handy.

    • Not Your Child Corp.

      Yes Sacha!
      This is quite true, we have many friends that are going through this right now and the device is a God send to them.

      Thank you