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Traveling Through Alabama and Tennessee with Hyundai

by Tiffany in travel

I was recently offered the opportunity to go on a grand adventure courtesy of Hyundai. A small group of bloggers and car writers were invited to the Hyundai headquarters in Montgomery Alabama and then allowed to drive a new 2017 Elantra Eco off the line and road trip it home (wherever that may be). It was a fantastic opportunity to learn about Hyundai, their facility, and the Elantra Eco. It was also a fantastic opportunity to see more of Alabama and Tennessee than I ever had previously. I had an incredible time, as did my husband, who accompanied me on this adventure.

It started with a flight to Alabama and a stay at the Renaissance hotel in Montgomery. The hotel was gorgeous and it was close to a lot of great food and historical sites.

Love our hotel room. I want these curtains! #ElantraEco #travelblogger #travel #montgomery #alabama @hyundaiusa

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Before our fun with Hyundai even began we walked much of the area near the hotel. There were so many opportunities nearby and so many lovely sites…

We ate at the Irish Bred Restaurant & Pub and had the best fish, chips, and coleslaw I have ever had!

Wow…now that is fish and chips! #irishpub #travelblogger #travel #montgomery

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I am loving Montgomery so far…very old, so much history. #ElantraEco #travel #travelblogger

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At Hyundai the next day we toured the facility and even got to out on the manufacturing floor.

More from the floor of the @hyundaiusa plant.#ElantraEco #alabama #travel

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Then we got in this awesome blue Elantra Eco and drove away with it, free to adventure to our heart’s content on the way home to Ohio.

In all honestly I probably would have opted to hit a ton of museums, historical sites, plantations, and other southern treasures but my husband is not as into to that stuff as I am. So we chose to hit up some stuff we would both enjoy…aka natural wonders.

We started with a drive along the Lookout Mountain Scenic Parkway… a 93 mile scenic drive through Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. One of the first and most beautiful stops was Noccalula Falls in Gadsden, AL. It is so named for a young Cherokee woman who leaped from the waterfall rim long ago.

We also stopped at Ruby Falls, and amazing underground waterfall. It is as deep underground as the Empire State Building is tall.

Next up was Rock City. It has miles of gorgeous gardens and another grand waterfall!

We took a rail car up and down a very steep incline in the mountains…

We also ate some great food along the way. I think we looked for the best rated sushi restaurants in every town we visited! Thanks Hyundai for the adventure!

  • blondiefrommd

    Amazing pictures, looks like you all had a great time. Hyundai’s are great cars with great warranties. What an awesome opportunity to step in and see them being built and then drive one home. Super jealous I love cars

  • Rebecca Bryant

    Wow what an amazing trip. I want to drive across country or take a train either way i ant to travel.

  • Milena Milani Barrett

    What an amazing experience! These pictures are awesome! Hyundai makes a great car!

  • SavvyMomNYC – Ker

    Such a fun trip. I have heard great things about this car and I want to check it out myself!

  • Lory Robinson

    Oh my gosh, you did so many fun things! I think it would have been so interesting to tour the Hyundai plant.

  • Jasmine Anderson

    Thats a nice looking car! Ive always heard wonderful things about this car I need to give one a try for myself

  • Denver Housewife

    What a fun and awesome experience. I went on a trip with Hyundai before and it was so much fun. Love their cars!