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Frugal Friday – Garden Goodies

by Tiffany in Frugal Green

frugal fridayFrugal Wins:

  • Husband got a small bonus at work and they put it on a prepaid Mastercard rather than paying via direct deposit. Often times he spends this money like it is personal blow money. This time he gave me the card and I paid some bills freeing up that money from the regular budget. Win!
  • Got $23 in credit to use at Menards from rebates. It sucks that we have to use the money there but they sell food there so it will likely be spent on food for hubby’s lunches.
  • Made chicken with green curry and swiss chard and a few salads throughout the week. The chard, lettuce, and radishes came from our garden.
  • Went to a movie with some friends. Sometimes you just need to get together with the girls. I picked an early showtime that only cost $5 to see and I had enough to cover it on an old gift card. I went without concessions so it was a total freebie.
  • Tallied up the June budget today and found that we had an extra $1800 dollars for the month and it wasn’t one of our best income months either. This shows me we have lots more wiggle room than I originally thought. July should be twice as good since it has 5 paydays and there will be overtime.
  • Paid nothing for gas in almost two months! I have a full tank after I used up the rest of a gas card I got as a gift during a blogger event in May. I don’t drive much and I also had two, week long test drives for a Lexus and a Mirage (they come with a full tank) during that time. Gas isn’t a huge expense but it sure has been nice to not budget for any in two months time.

Frugal Fails: 

  • Electric bill too high for my liking. I need to line dry clothing more often. I already adjusted settings on our dishwasher so that there is a no heat dry and rinse being used.
  • Ate outside the house twice this week. I was hot and irritable (driving without AC) and it was a treat so I am not beating myself up about it.

Looking forward to next month!

  • PrimeKids

    This is such good content. Staying within the budget is CRUCIAL!