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Bears for Humanity

by Tiffany in Natural Toys

Bears for Humanity

As a greener and more natural parent I have always been on the lookout for sustainable, ethical, and safe toys. That quest continues as my children get older and has evolved now to be more about tech and gadgets.  Yet surprise, surprise my 10 year old son recently developed a love for stuffed animals he never previously had. I think it is in large part do to some Youtube channels that revolve around storytelling with stuffed animals. Most of the Christmas gifts I got this year for this child were stuffed animal toys and puppets.

I was really jazzed to find Bears for Humanity Animal Pals recently because they make stuffed animals that are also sustainable, ethical, and safe. They are made with GOTS certified organic cotton. Traditional cotton undergoes waves of pesticides, fertilizers and post-harvest treatments but the cotton used in theses animal pals is clean. They have the same classically soft and reliable cotton feel. They also use certified organic hemp. I like to buy stuffed animals second hand (and give them a good washing) but if I can buy organic stuffed animals I love that option too. If my kids were younger especially I would not want them exposed to stuffed animals, stuffed with pesticides.

In an effort to be even more socially responsible the pals are hand finished in the US through Welfare-to-Work programs and they have a Buy One, Give One program. When you purchase a #BearsForHumanity Teddy Bear, they donate another teddy bear just like it to a child in need. You can see a list of the reputable charitable organizations they work with on their website. I like that they make a quality product, with organic fibers, and they are take other steps to be an ethical business in the current marketplace. It makes them stand out among their peers in my mind.

Free shipping coupon code: FREESHIPPING4MOM is valid through the end of August for online purchases on the Bears for Humanity website. Enjoy!

As you can see below, we have made a home for three Bears for Humanity Animal Pals… a turtle, a monkey, and a dinosaur.

Animal Palls

This post was written in partnership with Bears for Humanity.

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

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  • Bee

    Ah, a girl after my own heart. As hard as I tried, somehow we’ve accumulated so many stuffed animals that it makes my head hurt. Thankfully, Bossy doesn’t like any of them with the exception of one or two. I noticed that she is drawn to the smaller ones and these bears seem to be the perfect fit! thanks for writing this :) I will be looking forward to more posts from you. Sending good thoughts from one greenish mom to another.