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Benefits and Uses of Citronella Oil

by Tiffany in Essential Oils

Benefits Uses Citronella OilFresh, sweet, citrus-y citronella is one of my absolute favorite essential oils and one that I use quite often in my home. It’s amazing and strong citrus scent stimulates the mind and the body. It lifts your mood, balances emotions, and helps people get rid mental fatigue. It relaxes your muscles and eases aches. It is antiseptic and antifungal so it is wonderful for cleaning and it is a great insect repellent.

Ways to use citronella

  • Add a few drops to some epsom salts and add to your bath for a mood boost and mosquito protection.
  • Mix 5 drops with your body lotion or shower gel.
  • Boost insect repelling properties by mixing with geranium, eucalyptus, or lavender oils.
  • Soak your pet’s collar in 2 cups of water with 5 drops of citronella. Once dry put it on your pet for flea protection.
  • Diffuse in your home when fatigued, sad, or experiencing head pain.
  • Diffuse when you need to be uplifted and inspired during work or other creative endeavors.
  • Purify sickrooms or other germy areas of the home.
  • Use it in especially “smelly” areas of the home such as bathrooms or a teenager’s bedroom.
  • Add to baking soda to make a carpet powder or to sprinkle inside stinky sneakers.
  • Mix with a carrier oil and rub yourself down after workouts to alleviate soreness.
  • Diffuse to support respiratory health.
  • Add a few drops to your washing machine for fresh smelling laundry.

I love using citronella oil on its own but my absolute favorite way to use it is in a blend called Purification. It may actually be my favorite essential oil product ever. It is definitely my favorite one to diffuse (along with lemon) when I am cleaning house or I am going to have guests. It has citronella, lavandin, lemongrass, rosemary, myrtle, and tea tree. I love it and must have it on hand at all times.

purification essential oil with citronella

  • We have Purification! I love it. My husband uses it to clear the air, especially on totally disgustingly humid days like today.
    I had no idea citronella was in there, but I’m happy to know!

  • Ashley @irishred02

    I never thought of mixing it into lotion and such to up my repellent. Good ideas here, thanks!

  • maria @ close to home

    I had no idea there were so many uses of this. Thanks for the tips and I will have to get some.

  • SunshineFLGirl

    I had no idea that Citronella had so many benefits. I’ll have to try that carpet trick. We have 5 cats and can definitely use some freshness.

  • Simply At Home Mom

    I love using Citronella to repel insects but had no idea it could be used for so many other things! Thanks for sharing this list!