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by Tiffany in Beauty


I have shared my deep and abiding love of all things coconut before. I cook with coconut oil all the time and I use coconut in lots of recipes. I use coconut to clean my teeth, I use coconut in my shampoo bars, I use coconut as a moisturizer, and I use it in many homemade essential oil products…it is a deep, deep love. My only big no-no with coconut oil is putting it on my face. It has a high comedogenic rating which makes it likely to clogging pores.

I was super jazzed to try some new products from Skinny & Co Coconut Oil. I got some lovely little jars with coconut for oil pulling, sugar scrubbing, removing make-up (not for me), moisturizing and healing, and boosting metabolism, energy, and clarity. They supposedly have the only 100% raw alkaline, coconut oil in the world. They have a patented system that crafts the only coconut oil under 100ºF. In my humble opinion you can see, smell, and taste the difference. Their products are fantastic!

I loved the oil pulling oil because they have infused it with yummy peppermint. It tastes pretty darn good and oil pulling isn’t usually the most enjoyable process. I think I found my preferred brand for sure. Oil pulling helps keep teeth clean, remove plaque, improve breath, and can even help whiten teeth – naturally.

The metabolism boosting moisturizer has the yummiest coconut smell. The inflammatory moisturizer has essential oils in it and it smells quite nice as well.

My fave though is the sugar scrub which uses coconut sugar and vanilla. I use in the shower daily to exfoliate and it is does the job while still being gentle. Love the smell too! It is like rubbing myself with fresh baked cookies. It is so natural you can add it to your coffee and tea! Wowsa!

If you want some new coconut products to try that are ethical and raw, give these products a go. They have no toxic chemicals, no fillers, and no solvents. There are never more than five ingredients. The coconuts are wild harvested, handpicked, and cold processed. I was super impressed and I know you will be too.


Disclosure: I received these products free from Skinny and Co but I was not monetarily compensated, nor did I have to write about them. I almost always say no to product offers but I had to say yes to these because hello…coconut oil! I am glad I did.

Monday, October 10th, 2016