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New Wellness Products to Fall in Love With

by Tiffany in Natural Product Reviews

wellness products to loveThis new year started out with great momentum and motivation and it has been incredible thus far. My 12 month health challenge is rocking and rolling and I feel on top of the world. This is no doubt due to all the new products and life hacks I have introduced. Here are some of my current faves…

MegaFood Supplements –  I am loving their Turmeric Strength to help with inflammation, their Balanced B Complex to help sustain energy, and their Blood Builder that I take right after my period.They are whole food supplements for food based nourishment, which is the best kind.

Flor Essence 7 Day Purification Program  – Many folks want to detox after the holidays and this kits cleanses urinary and digestive systems at a cellular level.

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee – This stuff is off the hook good for you. It is made from a premium blend of dual-extracted medicinal Chaga, cordyceps mushrooms, and 100% Arabica coffee. It’s a trifecta of healthy organics that produce antioxidants that are good for heart, skin, and eye health. It also boosts your immune system. I LOVE this stuff.

Nature’s Plus Source of Life Gold Liquid – I take this every morning as my whole foods multivitamin. It also boosts the power of the collagen in my daily coffee with a nice big dose of vitamin C.

Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder – I always try to buy safer detergents and this is an excellent brand. Love their wool dryer balls too!

Pukka Organic Herbal Tea – Tasty tea with organic rose, lavender, and chamomile.