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Using Targeted Pest Control To Protect Wildlife

by Tiffany in Gardening

Wildlife pests are extremely frustrating. They dig up our flowers, devour our vegetable gardens, and potentially spread disease to our pets or even to people. When we find out we have a wildlife problem, we get very emotional and develop a serious vindictive streak. All we can think about is revenge when we find our juicy tomatoes laid to waste or our meticulous garden work dug up or trampled!

That anger can make us reckless and cause us to do things we shouldn’t do. The first thing many people think of is to poison or trap the offending animals and effectively remove them from the premises. But the experts at Moxie pest control know that these techniques aren’t reliable. There are several reasons it can fail or even backfire.

They Can’t Be Sustained

Just how long are you willing to keep refilling a container of rat poison? Pests aren’t like people. They don’t have deeds or leases that only allow them to live in certain areas. Consequently, if you have rats in your garage, you won’t solve the problem by randomly putting out poison. You’ll kill some rats maybe–but you’ll just end up with some different rats.

Expert pest control can not only address the immediate problem but also help you create a strategy that will give you a long-term solution to the issue. Another option is to utilize natural repellents that will permanently deter pests from visiting.

They Can Cause Legal Problems

Just as pests don’t have boundaries, they also don’t know what you are trying to do. That may sound silly, but it’s just as silly to think that poisons, traps, or other home remedies will only affect the pest you are targeting.

If the rat poison smells good to the rat, it will also smell good to other animals. Neighborhood cats and dogs, desirable wildlife, and potentially even people can come into contact with the improvised pest control measures that you use. Injuries or deaths could land you in court with a serious and indefensible position. The outcome of legal action will leave you with costs so great that you’ll wish you had left the pests alone.

They’re Just Cruel

There is a right way and a wrong way to go about pest control. Being humane can be the furthest thing from your mind in the heat of the moment when you discover a problem, but before you take measures to deal with the issue yourself, remember that killing a pest isn’t as neat and clean as it appears.

The reality is that while many forms of pest control are designed to kill the pest, they are also designed to do so as humanely as possible. An improvised system done at home is not going to meet this standard. A professional company has much better methods for eliminating the problem without being needlessly cruel.

Pest problems are frustrating. They’re destructive, expensive, and messy. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and try some DIY steps that you think will take care of the problem, but the reality is that these actions are more likely to fail or to leave you with even bigger problems. When pests are a serious issue, a professional is your best option, hands down.

  • Thanks for this interesting post. Yes, the reality is that some wildlife can prove to be pests for homeowners. For instance, in NJ, we see a lot of raccoons that might look cute but can wreak havoc. However, you don’t want to have them killed or destroyed by a pest control service. This is why it is important to look as services offering humane means of getting rid of the problem, while also giving you tips on how you can protect your property against future invasions.