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Try to Eat Veggies or Fruit With Each Meal

by Tiffany in Healthy Eating

veggies with every mealOne of the best and easiest steps you can make towards a healthier lifestyle for you and your family is to simply eat veggies or fruit with each meal. Sounds easy right? It actually is.

Reaching your health goals means adjusting your diet. Small changes make things a bit more “digestible”.

Add Them to Food You Eat

One of the easiest ways to add vegetables to your diet is to add them to foods that you already eat. Basically, everyone loves pizza, so one of the first things you can try is to add them as a topping on pizza or puree them into the pizza sauce. If you eat spaghetti, you can try adding a small amount  of spinach or broccoli to the mix, again pureed into sauce. Cauliflower can be pureed into cheese for mac and cheese. Mix them into scrambled eggs or make a frittata. Try butternut squash pancakes. If you add small amounts to your food, you will notice  that every vegetable adds a hint of flavor that you might really enjoy, and it gets the kids used to these flavors as well.

Green Smoothies

A very easy way that you can eat more fruit (and veggies) is to freeze fresh fruit, or buy frozen fruit that you can use in making smoothies and add some greens to the mix as well. Drink a healthy mixture of fruits and veggies on the go. This is especially great for people who are too busy to cook entire meals in the morning before work or make healthy after school snacks. Smoothies are usually a mix of water, nut milk, or coconut milk and the fruit and greens of your choosing. Greens that are perfect for smoothies include kale, spinach, arugula, and chard. And don’t worry, some pineapple or a super ripe banana disguise the taste of the greens.

Make Soups

Another excellent way to get your daily vegetables would be to add them to soups. You will be surprised by the almost limitless options that are available when it comes to making delicious, creamy soups that you can use to top rice, meats, or even just eat plain. You will be able to heat up these soups and eat them on the go much like the smoothies mentioned earlier in this article. If you plan ahead you can get all of your nutritional needs and more into a few cups during the day. Add some cauliflower or leeks to potato soup or chop some veggies super fine and add it to the chicken noodle soup.

A surefire way to make sure more veggies are in the diet is to make it a priority to have at least one serving with each meal. Make it a goal and get creative with different ways to make it happen.