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Best Skin Care Products of the Year for Aging Skin

by Tiffany in Beauty

Best Skin Care Products for Aging SkinI had a big birthday this year. Yep…I hit the big 4-0. Almost as if a light switch was turned on I started to think more about anti aging products and skin care. I knew next to nothing about these topics so started subscribing to anti aging podcasts and Youtube channels, really diving into the subject to see where I should start. I wanted to improve the look of my skin, start taking better care of it, and prevent wrinkles. All of the information I mentally downloaded lead me to try a range of products over the past year and the following were the winners.

Essential Beauty Serum from Young Living – I kept reading about serums and how they are a must have for aging skin. I tried several and found that I love this one because I can have dry skin. I apply 3-5 drops daily on my face and neck as a moisturizer right after I get out of the shower. It is an amazing and nourishing blend of Cedarwood, Coconut, Avocado, Blue Cypress, Rosehip Jojoba, Lavender, Myrrh, Clove, Wolfberry and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood oils. One small bottle lasts a long time too, so the cost of $20.25 for wholesale members makes this is a real steal!  I have sensitive skin and it does not make me break out either.

Rose Ointment from Young Living – This ointment is amazing!!! I use it right after I use the serum, both day and night. In the summer when my skin is more oily than dry, I might use it only at night. Made with Mink Oil, Lecithin, Beeswax, Lanolin, Sesame, Palmarosa, Patchouli, Coriander, Myrrh, Bergamot, Carrot Seed, Tea Tree, Rose Hip, Ylang Ylang, Geranium and Rose oils. The $22.00 container usually lasts me 5-6 months.

Algenist POWER Recharging Night Pressed Serum – In the warmer weather months I used this serum at night. It is light, creamy, and soothing. I love the fact that it is a more conventional product and yet has no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.

IT COSMETICS Confidence in a Cream Transforming Moisturizing Super Cream – I don’t like using essential oils around my eyes so I use this product on my eyelids and around my eyes.  I also generally like the IT Cosmetics brand and makeup.

Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid – Vitamin C boosts collagen production, which slows and reverses signs of aging so I knew I needed a vitamin c serum. I happened across a coupon code for this one and got the first bottle free. I have continued to order it because I think it brightens my skins and improves the texture.

CeraVe Skin Renewing Retinol Serum  – A common recommendation among anti aging gurus is retinol but I did not want to make an appointment with a doctor and get a prescription so I decided to try a serum with encapsulated retinol. It also has the vital ceramides healthy skin needs to help restore and maintain its natural protective barrier. I like the product quite a bit. I use it sparingly and only 3-4 times a week because it does cause slight redness sometimes and a little skin shedding (exfoliation).

Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub – I actually got this product free as a VIP member of The Grove. I love it! It almost replaced my usual facial scrub, the Satin Facial Scrub from YL. I say almost because it is much harsher than the satin scrub and can cause dryness if I use it daily. So I alternate between both scrubs.

What new skin care products have worked for you? Let me know in the comments!