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This Amber Teething Necklace Will End Teething Woes

by Tiffany in Birth & Baby

Amber Teething Necklace for Teething As parents, just about all of us have been there: your baby has started teething, and you have no idea what to do. Or maybe our toddler woke up in a great mood, only to dissolve into a sad, drooling mess halfway through the day. Whatever the age, the next steps are usually the same: you panic, flail around trying to figure out the best way to help your baby cope… and several hours (and bouts of tears) later, maybe your baby feels better. Maybe.

Luckily, there’s a product on the market that is a totally safe and completely natural teething remedy: Baltic amber teething necklaces. Trust me, guys. This amber teething necklace is a dream.

What Is Baltic Amber?

Amber is tree resin that has been fossilized. It can be found all over the world, but Baltic Wonder uses amber that has been harvested from the Baltic region (think Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia). Amber is a completely natural anti-inflammatory agent, immune booster, and pain reliever, which makes it the perfect remedy for your little ones when they’re teething.

How Baltic Wonder Amber Teething Necklaces Work

When your baby wears a Baltic Wonder teething necklace, his or her own skin heats the amber inside each bead. This triggers the release of the treatment oil onto the skin, and the oil passes into the bloodstream. The entire process delivers succinic acid to your baby, which in turn reduces drooling and makes your baby feel better.

Europeans have been using Baltic amber as a teething and pain remedy for actual centuries. Baltic Wonder amber necklaces for teething babies are just as safe as any over-the-counter teething treatment you can find. And unlike a lot of those treatments, the necklaces are all natural—a Baltic Wonder teething necklace is something you can give your baby and feel good about.

Who Can Wear a Baltic Wonder Teething Necklace

The necklaces are sized 32-33 cm, and generally recommended for kids between three months and three years. However, if the size doesn’t fit your child’s neck, the necklaces can also be worn as necklaces and anklets. Babies and kids can also wear the necklace as often as they want, even when they aren’t teething—amber can also relieve general aches and pains, and has even been found to help relieve some mild symptoms of eczema and asthma.

Keep in Mind

There are a few rules to remember. First, any kind of necklace can be a hazard if worn to bed—so never let your baby wear the necklace while sleeping. Second, make sure your kiddos aren’t chewing on the beads. Due to their lightweight nature, most kids forget they’re even wearing the necklaces after a little while!

Get Your Baltic Wonder Amber Teething Necklace Now

Baltic Wonder amber teething necklaces come in six great options: polished cognac, polished honey, polished multi-four color baroque, raw honey, raw cherry, and raw multi-four color baroque. Each necklace is only $19.99, and comes with its own storage bag and a certificate of authenticity. They’re also super easy to order: just head over to Baltic Wonder and pick the necklace you love!