Benefits and Uses of Palmarosa Oil

by Tiffany in Essential Oils

Benefits Uses Palmarosa OilPalmarosa essential oil is refreshing and rejuvenating. It has a sweet floral fragrance and its performance in cellular support and skin health make it highly valuable in skin care products, soaps, and beauty products. Palmarosa is closely related to lemongrass and citronella but the smell is actually closer to roses. It is often used as a cheaper substitute to rose oil which is quite pricey.

The esters in palmarosa, such as geranyl acetate make this oil good for skin problems and scarring. The high concentration of alcohols, especially geranol, give it an uplifting aroma and its documented antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. It is perfect for any skin issues, such as what teens face during puberty. It makes a great skin conditioning agent and toner. It conditions by helping keep the skin supple and elastic. It supports skin cells and helps them regenerate to keep the skin healthy and younger looking. It hydrates the skin and stimulates new cell growth and cell repair. It also helps balance the skin’s natural sebum production.

It is greatly beneficial when added to lotions, anti aging creams, toners, facial mists, facial masks, acne creams, and other beauty products.

The oil is also commonly used for digestive support as a soothing tonic. Adding a couple drops to bath water or to some almond oil and massaging the tummy is sure to help with digestion.

It being so closely related to citronella also makes this another great oil for keeping insects at bay.

It diffuses beautifully with bergamot, cedarwood, chamomile, clary sage, frankincense, ginger, lemon, lemongrass, mandarin, orange, rosemary, sandalwood, and ylang ylang.

Palmarosa is also a mild aphrodisiac. It was once thought that the perfume of palmarosa would evoke the love goddess Venus. Scenting the body with palmarosa was also supposed to surround the wearer with an aura of love and tranquility. You can boost its properties in this regard by mixing it with other essential oils known for boosting sex drive such as ylang ylang and sandalwood.


Benefits and Uses of Citronella Oil

by Tiffany in Essential Oils

Benefits Uses Citronella OilFresh, sweet, citrus-y citronella is one of my absolute favorite essential oils and one that I use quite often in my home. It’s amazing and strong citrus scent stimulates the mind and the body. It lifts your mood, balances emotions, and helps people get rid mental fatigue. It relaxes your muscles and eases aches. It is antiseptic and antifungal so it is wonderful for cleaning and it is a great insect repellent.

Ways to use citronella

  • Add a few drops to some epsom salts and add to your bath for a mood boost and mosquito protection.
  • Mix 5 drops with your body lotion or shower gel.
  • Boost insect repelling properties by mixing with geranium, eucalyptus, or lavender oils.
  • Soak your pet’s collar in 2 cups of water with 5 drops of citronella. Once dry put it on your pet for flea protection.
  • Diffuse in your home when fatigued, sad, or experiencing head pain.
  • Diffuse when you need to be uplifted and inspired during work or other creative endeavors.
  • Purify sickrooms or other germy areas of the home.
  • Use it in especially “smelly” areas of the home such as bathrooms or a teenager’s bedroom.
  • Add to baking soda to make a carpet powder or to sprinkle inside stinky sneakers.
  • Mix with a carrier oil and rub yourself down after workouts to alleviate soreness.
  • Diffuse to support respiratory health.
  • Add a few drops to your washing machine for fresh smelling laundry.

I love using citronella oil on its own but my absolute favorite way to use it is in a blend called Purification. It may actually be my favorite essential oil product ever. It is definitely my favorite one to diffuse (along with lemon) when I am cleaning house or I am going to have guests. It has citronella, lavandin, lemongrass, rosemary, myrtle, and tea tree. I love it and must have it on hand at all times.

purification essential oil with citronella


Back to School Essential Oils

by Tiffany in Essential Oils

Many of us natural moms use our essential oils for a variety of things in daily life and using them during the back to school madness is just part of that. We have some amazing oily tools at our disposal so why not? They can used for so many issues that arise. The following is quickie list of the best essential oils to use for back to school issues and concerns such as good sleep, concentration, avoiding illness, nerves, confidence, and more.

For usage I recommend diffusing in the home, diffuser necklaces or bracelets, and roll ons the kiddos can take to school with them.

Back to School Essential Oils

Focus, & Concentration – Peppermint

Digestive Support – Digize (Tarragon, Ginger, Anise)

Good Sleep – Lavender, Vetiver, Ruta, Valerian

Waking Up – Lemon, Rosemary, Peppermint

Calming Nerves – Copaiba, Lavender, Lime, Ocotea

Confidence – Black Spruce, Clary Sage, Bergamot, Frankincense

Eliminating Odors – Purification (Citronella, Lemongrass, Rosemary,  Tea Tree)

Immune Booster – Thieves (Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary)

Drama Be Gone – Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Geranium

Breathing Easy – Spruce, Cyprus, Eucalyptus


Homemade Poison Ivy Paste

by Tiffany in Essential Oils

DIY poison ivy paste

In many areas of the country poison ivy is a part of life, especially when you live and work outdoors so much. While I personally find it to be just itchy and annoying my husband is allergic and a little poison ivy for him can turn very bad if we don’t take steps immediately to heal it up fast to prevent infection. This poison ivy paste can be made in minutes and it can be kept on hand during the late spring and summer months when this devious plant abounds. This is handy when your husband makes a living climbing telephone poles covered in the stuff!

Homemade Poison Ivy Paste

* This will keep covered in a jar for about 2-3 weeks in the fridge.


¼ Cup of bentonite clay
3 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
6-10 drops of peppermint essential oil
3-5 drops of lavender essential oil
5 drops colloidal silver
2 tbsp aloe vera cream (Optional)

poison ivy ingredients


In a small bowl add clay and apple cider vinegar, it will fizz just let stand until mixture is stable. Add Peppermint Lavender and colloidal silver to the clay mix and slowly stir until fully combined.

You can use this mix just as it is this way however for more of a creamy consistency organic aloe vera cream can be added and it also helps greatly with discomfort from poison ivy.

making poison ivy paste

Why this works: The Clay mixture pulls the poison ivy oils from the pores thereby drying it up very quickly. Adding the apple cider vinegar and colloidal silver prevents infection. The peppermint oil helps with discomfort and the lavender calms and soothes itchy skin.

homemade poison ivy paste


Do Lavender and Tea Tree Oils Cause Endocrine Disruption?

by Tiffany in Essential Oils

Lavender Tea Tree Oils Endocrine DisruptionI thought this issue had been put to rest long ago but alas it seems the hysteria and misinformation lives on. In 2007 a very poorly conducted study “found” that lavender and tea tree oils caused endocrine disruption among young boys. It was said that these two compounds had estrogenic effects and could cause young boys to grow breasts (prepubertal gynecomastia).

The study was faulty for a variety of reasons but the main being that the study was made up of only three young boys. This is a woefully inadequate study pool. Secondly, the scientists used products that contained lavender and tea tree oils on the boys and measured the estrogenic effects but the product’s other ingredients were not evaluated for estrogenic effects. This alone discredits the study because it is very likely that other ingredients, such as parabens or phthalates, which are PROVEN endocrine disruptors, could be the culprit and not the essential oils. Another flaw in this study was that it used polystyrene rather than glass. It is generally accepted that storing essential oils in plastic can cause the endocrine disrupting chemicals in the plastic to leach out into it the contents. So it is not the oils that have these estrogenic properties, it is the plastic, and oils can cause the plastic to degrade and release them into the product.

The oils used were also not tested for purity. This is a huge problem in a market where oils are often adulterated to make them cheaper and easier to produce. How can they be sure of the integrity of this study when they weren’t even sure of the integrity of the oils they used?

After the tests on the boys showed negligible estrogenic activity they tested human cells in a petri dish, mixed with the essential oils in question. This study also found estrogenic activity but it is important to note they used dimethyl sulfoxide as a solvent to dilute the oils and it is actually a potent endocrine disruptor itself. This study is clearly full of huge holes.

A study in 2013 has since been conducted on rats and found no increase in uterine weight and no estrogenic action. This study used concentrations that were many thousand times greater than those you would run across in a beauty product or personal care product that contains essential oils. Other experts and scientists have also weighed in to debunk the original study and to share their own which lays to rest this idea that lavender oils and tea tree oils will give your little boy man boobs or cause you to miscarry if you are pregnant (another common myth).

There is no reason why you cannot use lavender oils safely on yourself, your pregnant tummy, or your children. Tea tree is safe as well but should always be diluted since it is pretty potent. Enjoy!

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