Fitness Friday – Exercising in Nature

by Tiffany in Fitness

This week has been completely amazing. So very invigorating and enjoyable. In addition to making it to five CrossFit classes this week I also managed to drop some pounds. You see I put on a pair of my favorite pants a little over a week ago and they fit just a bit to snug for my taste. I hopped on the scale and saw that I had gained 12 pounds over 2.5 months. I traveled quite a bit in the tail end of summer with lots of parties and social stuff going on. I was in New York yo! I had to eat bagels and cheesecake. Early fall was spent at festivals (with festival food) and in the kitchen baking treats. I was only eating 50-60% paleo. So yeah I gained some weight.  I am already very encouraged though. I feel great being back to my happy 90% paleo place and I lost 3 pounds in the first week. Booyah!

My CrossFit box is in the process of moving to a new location but ran into some last minute issues with the city. This left us unable to move into the new place as scheduled and we were not able to stay at the old place any longer. The owner wrangled us up a temporary home at a private residence with 3 wooded acres, a long winding driveway (perfect for running), and an 18 car garage that will hold us if it rains. Most of the workouts have been outside among the beautiful Fall trees and falling leaves. I have enjoyed every second of it. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Monday: Warmup was 5 minutes AMRAP 15 squats, 10 lunges, 5 pushups, 15 leg kicks, 10 arm circles, 5 spidey lunges. Skill was snatches with PVC bar. WOD: Buy in was 30 deadlifts w/fat bar (93 lbs). 2 rounds of 200 meter run with sandbag, 20 pulls on rower, 10 pullups, 20 shoot throughs on parallettes, 10 box jumps (20″), 20 GHD situps, and 10 rope pullups. Cash out was 20 hang cleans (73 lbs).

The deadlifts and hang cleans were done in the middle of the woods. So cool!

Tuesday: I felt a bit “off this day…almost like I was getting sick. So I picked way lighter weights than I would typically select and just muddled through. Warm up was 15 minutes AMRAP and teams of 3: 500 meter row, Squat PVC pass throughs while partner is rowing, front squats w/DBs while 2nd partner is rowing. Skill was overhead squats with PVC. WOD was 10 rounds of 10 unbroken thrusters and stiff leg deadlifts.

After this WOD I came home and took mass doses of fish oils and echinacea throughout the day. Felt all better by the next morning.

Wednesday: Warm up was 100 squat hang cleans w/medballs and 100 pushups. WOD was 100 GHD hip extensions, 100 ring rows, x3 200 meter runs with sandbag, 100 Kettlebell Swings, 100 medicine ball backwards toss (14 lb ball for all medball exercises).

Here I am coming back from one of my sandbag runs…

Thursday: Warm up: Buy in was 200 meter run with medball overhead (14 lbs) then 10 rounds of max L sit on bar, max L sit on rings, and max L sit on parallettes. Skill was 5 minutes hang cleans and squats cleans with medball. Buy out was another 200 meter run with medball OH. WOD was 200 meter walking KB overhead swings, 500 meter row, 30 GHD hip extensions, 20 bench presses (65 lbs), and 50 medball toss (16 lbs).

I blistered my hands pretty badly on this day so I bought a pair of gloves for future classes!

Friday: We did a crazy “Fran”kenstein WOD today. It was terrifying alright. Warm up was 100 spidey lunges, 100 crab walk steps, 100 side plank steps. Skill was overhead squat and thrusters form/practice. WOD was 100 meter run with barbell overhead and 21 overhead squats. Drop bar and run back for weights, farmer carry weights back to bar and then 15 statue of liberty situps with weights overhead. Load up bar with weights run back to do 9 toes to bar. Run back and forth from barbell to bar doing “Fran” 21-15-9 thrusters and pullups. 150 meter walking lunges with overhead barbell, 9 Burpee Box Jumps, Break down your barbell, 15 Sandbag Thrusters, 200 meter run, 21 MedBall tosses. I used a 42 lb barbell which is kinda light for me but hey it was a rough week and those lunges are killer!

I am looking forward to a restful weekend and at least one more week of workouts in this awesome temporary location.


Fitness Friday – Five in a Row

by Tiffany in Fitness

Hit a fitness goal this week and that was to make five CrossFit classes in a row. Ideally I would like to do 5 on, 2 off consistently. Of course today (on the 5th day) I am really super sore but I love that feeling. It let’s me know that my body is being challenged and that it is getting stronger. I also broke through some PRs (personal records) so that is another bonus. It’s been an awesome week!

Monday: Warmup was 10 minutes AMRAP 10 sec wobble bench hold, 20 overhead lunges (15 lbs), 5 wobble bench press (63 lbs), max L hold on bar – 100 meter run after each. Skill was 5×10 Wobble bench press (63 lbs). WOD was 1 minute AMRAP x10 with minute rest in between rounds – 5 air squats with DB held out front, 10 situps, 5 burpees.

Below is the wobble bench press…which is just benching a bar with kettlebells on the end, attached with bands. They wobble all over and make it hard to stabilize which works all the muscles in your arms like crazy.

Tuesday: Same warmup as yesterday. Skill was 7×5 wobble bench press (63 lbs) and 2 statue of liberty situps with dumbbell after each set. WOD was 15 minutes AMRAP – 5 high pulls, 10 sumo deadlifts, 5 sumo deadlift high pulls, 200 meter run (20 lb dumbbells).

Wednesday: Typically hump day is the toughest. Warm up was 50 Good Mornings, 100 meter run, 50 Back Squats, 200 meter run, 50 straight leg deadlifts, and a 400 meter run (33 lb bar). WOD was 20-1 Kettlebell Swings, Goblet Squats, and straight leg deadlift. That is 210 reps of each!!! Finished at 33:38.

Thursday: Warm up was 15 minute AMRAP: 5 Wobble stiff leg press (63 lb), 250 meter row, 15 Wobble back squat (63 lb), 250 meter row. WOD was 7 rounds w/one minute rest between rounds: max pushups, situps in 30 sec, air squats in 30 sec, max Stiff leg press w/ db’s (40 lbs). Group mobility with bands for finisher.

I managed to stay consistent on my reps for the WOD except for the pushups. That means if I did 16 situps in 30 seconds in round one I managed to stick it and do 16 situps in round 7 even though by then, I was very tired. This was mental just as much as physical.

Friday: Warm up was same as yesterday (wobble press, back squats (78 lb), and rowing). Skill was 5 minutes air squats, 5 minutes rowing, 3 minutes rack. Strength was 50 statue of liberty situps with dumbbell (20 lb). WOD: Team Fight Gone Bad – 3 person teams – Rotating through one minute stations. 1) wallball 2) Sumo Deadlift High Pull 3) 20″ box jumps 4) Push Press 5) Calorie Row.

My PRs: I increased my push press weight by 18 pounds, my back squat weight by 5, and my calorie row by 5 calories.

How did you do this week?


Fitness Friday – Injuries Galore!

by Tiffany in Fitness

This week and last seemed to be plagued with injuries that put me off my fitness game. Last Thursday I was doing ball slam, box jumps and I jumped off of my box backwards and landed on the medball. I twisted my ankle and fell to the ground but I finished the WOD. My ankle hurt throughout the day but Arnica gel had it feeling good as new by the next day, until I walked 3 miles on it and then it swelled like a tennis ball. Oh well, more Arnica throughout the weekend and it felt great by Monday, even if I had a nasty bruise.

On Monday the warm up was 10 each arm bully band lunges/squats, 10 straight band lunges/squats, max straight pullups, 10 broad jump, squatted pass throughs, 400 meter run, 10 windshield wipers, 20 butterfly situps.The skill was 4 rounds Tabata each: KB swing (26 lb bell), GHD situps, SL push press (30 lbs), SL deadlift highpull with sandbag (30 lbs). WOD was 15 minutes 1 to infinity: situps, pushups, spidey lunges, squats, lunges.

By Monday night my neck was hurting and by 2AM I was in agony. I am not sure what I did to it but I felt like I had been in a car accident and had whiplash. I could barely turn my neck. Lots and lots of Arnica gel!

I skipped Tuesday due to my neck but by Wednesday I felt great. We did the same warm up as Monday followed by the skill which was was 8 rounds Tabata rowing. The WOD was 8 minutes EMOM 100 meter sprint, 1 tire flip (250lbs), 1 burpee. I chose and flipped successfully 8 times a 250 pound tire! Booyah!

Sadly I hurt myself AGAIN though and I am not sure how. My middle finger felt like I jammed it and was bugging me. By the next morning it hurt pretty badly and made closing my fist kinda hard. I also scraped a fair amount of skin off my shins moving floor mats (helping out because our gym is moving down the street). Still made it to class the next day though and oh…Arnica gel is taking care of the finger injury too. I seriously LOVE this stuff!

Anyway yesterday we did the same warm up as the previous days followed by the skill which was 7×3 pushups with 3 second hold and 7×3 wall squats with 2 second hold. The WOD was 100 DB thrusters and a penalty of 20 situps for every time you drop the dumbbells. I used 30 pounds and I did 40 penalty situps. GAWD those thrusters were awful!

Today I opted to rest because my back is bothering me (menstrual issue). I haven’t been taking my magnesium supplements and it really shows. If possible I will hit up another CrossFit class tomorrow.

What has your fitness routine looked like this week?


Fitness Friday – Good To Be Back

by Tiffany in Fitness

It has been weeks since I posted an update about the Go Green Get Fit Challenge I started in early summer. All throughout August it seems my fitness goals just fell to the bottom of my priority list. I did some traveling, spent lots of time with extended family, and allowed way too many sleepover parties because I knew that once school started, it would just not be possible.

Now that school is in session I am back to making fitness a top priority again and it feels really, really good. Well, mentally at least. Physically I am kinda hurting this week!!

On Tuesday the warm up was a 200 meter run, pvc pass throughs, and stretches. WOD #1 EMOM 10 minutes – Two Turkish getups w/Kettlebell and sumo deadlift high pulls rest of minute – 20 pound bell. WOD #2 5 minutes perfect pushups and 6 minutes mobility. WOD #3 was 7 minutes AMRAP 5 stiff leg deadlifts, 10 regular deadlifts (52 pounds/kettlebells), and 5 burpees.

On Wednesday the warmup was 8 minute AMRAP 100 meter run, situps, squats, burpees, toe touch back bends, and lunges. WOD #1 5×20 Push Press (33 lb bar) and 5×20 ring rows. WOD #2 was 15 minute AMRAP 200 meter run w/sandbag, 200 meter row, 20 zercher squats w/sandbag, 20 burpees, 20 situps, 20 backsquats w/sandbag. 20 pound sandbag.

On Thursday the warm up was 2 rounds 100 meter high knees skip, 10 squats on wall, 2 minute wall figure 4, 2 minute banded shoulder stretch. Skill was 3×10 wall ball with 2 second pause at bottom (14 pound ball) and 5×30 second plank on rings. WOD was 200 meter run, 10 burpees, 200 meter row, 100 meter run, 20 burpees, 100 meter row, 50 box step ups (20 inch box) with medball and 50 medball slams.

On Friday , since my arms were so thrashed, I decided to swim and I attended a high impact water aerobics class at my other gym for one hour. I may do that again tomorrow.

One really FUN thing about CrossFit of late is that I am attending the classes with my husband and my 6 year old (photo above). The kiddo plays in the play room while the hubby and I sweat. It has been awesome to spend that time together each morning. :)

What about you? Now that school has started is it easier or harder to get some fitness time? For me it’s MUCH easier!

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* I’m one of 30 bloggers participating in the 12-week Go Green, Get FitChallenge as part of the EcoMom Alliance Sustain YourSelf™ Program presented by PlanetShoes.com.


Go Green Get Fit Week Six – ECCO BIOM Lite 1.3 Shoes Review

by Tiffany in Fitness, Health & Healing

Last week was mostly pretty sad on the fitness front. I only got to the gym one time. Yeah, pathetic. I went hoping to swim but the pool was closed. That is what I get for assuming it would be when they gave a July 8th expected re-open date. Ha!

On Monday I just lifted free weights, did planks, weighted box step-ups, and used a medicine ball to do lots of Russian twists and situps. I kept get getting the weirdest stares from ladies on the circuit machines, like they did not understand why on was on the floor exercising when there so many machine around me. I am really trying to avoid machines though because using free weights and dumbells requires so many more muscles groups than what you use on a  machine. You are of course using the muscle specific to that exercise, such as the biceps and trapezius muscles for a push press but you also use your core to stabilize and even your legs to help you explode that push. Circuit machines just hold no allure for me anymore.

After the weighted part I got on the treadmill and did a mile. My legs were still pretty sore after the almost two mile run from the day before.

Then for the rest of the week I did a big fat nothing but I am back on the horse this week. It’s a good thing too because I have at least one but possibly two bootcamp workouts I will be doing in New York City next week. This is no time to be lolly gagging around!

So this week it was off to CrossFit with renewed vigor and NEW shoes! PlanetShoes generously sent me a pair of ECCO BIOM Lite 1.3 shoes. They are pretty darn close to barefoot shoes and PlanetShoes recommended them for CrossFit so I hoped they would be a good fit for me.

The most remarkable thing about them is that they are super comfy. I am used to toe shoes like Skeletoes or Five Fingers but I was pleasantly surprised to find that these were also uber comfortable. I have a hard time finding shoes that fit well and that are comfortable because I have very wide feet and high arches. It is a non-issue with these. The narrow-looking shoe expands quite comfortably and my toes have wiggle room. The heel area did not dig in and give a blister either which is another thing that commonly happens with new shoes. The true test of course was Crossfitting in them…

They performed like a dream. They feel very minimal and barefoot, which I love. Though do not allow for a grip like my toe shoes do so I did feel my heel lift off the ground during some of the squats but I just need to concentrate on my form a bit more with “regular” shoes. Running in them was super breazy though and that really surprised me. I prefer these to toe shoes for sprinting/running short distances because I have a tendency to heel strike when I am getting competitive and going all out. I end up getting a headache after class. The natural foot position and minimal sole make running much more pleasant because I don’t have to focus so much of form. When you are racing someone…or ten other people, who has the time??

I can see already that I will gravitate to these shoes on days when I will be running/sprinting and less so on days when I am lifting weights. But for any CrossFit WOD you can’t go wrong with these. Plus I LOVE the color. I often wear the brightest, loudest shoes I can find and at first I thought these may be too tame for me but I really enjoy the purple/orange contrast. I give them an enthusiastic A+. Thanks PlanetShoes!

* I’m one of 30 bloggers participating in the 12-week Go Green, Get Fit Challenge as part of the EcoMom Alliance Sustain YourSelf™ Program presented by PlanetShoes.com. This is my week five update, you can read about week four here.