Vegan Lunch Box – Earth Week Giveaway

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Vegan Lunch BoxI am getting ready to go on vacation very soon. We are spending a couple weeks in Florida in a 2 bedroom suite with a full kitchen. To make sure that my family is eating right and we don’t get all crazy eating clam chowder bread bowls from the French Quarter at Disney or eating lollipops for lunch because a $5 sucker is the cheapest option…. we are bringing our bentos with us.

If you are not familiar with bentos they are Japanese style lunch boxes and I LOVE them. I have a huge collection in fact. Of course my favorite is the Laptop Lunchbox system. All 3 of my kids have one and they will be using them all the while we are in Florida. So I reached for my Vegan Lunch Box book, which is a book full of recipes and ideas for healthy vegan eating using the Laptop Lunchbox system. I started making notes of what I would prepare and what groceries I will need to buy when we get to Orlando. We aren’t necessarily a vegan family but we DO limit meat and we tend towards raw foods so this book is perfect for just about any family.

Then I came across a discussion on the net about how these books are going for $50-100 a book because they are out of print. There is a revised edition coming out soon but I guess moms everywhere are desperate for this book. Pretty cool! Anyway as I grabbed my copy … which I would never sell so don’t ask ;) … I saw that I have TWO copies. I vaguely remember there being some kind of buy one get another half off deal or something and I am a sucker for a deal.

So guess what one lucky reader gets? A brand spankin new copy of the original and now out-of-print Vegan Lunchbox. You will love all the healthy, delicious recipes in this book…especially if you pack a lunch for your kids. Also very handy for travel snack boxes.

Here is some bento inspiration and one of my son’s favorite lunches…a nut butter rainbow sandwich.

Rainbow PB& J Pita

The above lunchbox is a Laptop Lunchbox. Also pre-order the new edition of Vegan Lunch Box.


Yoga Stick-e Socks – Earth Week Giveaway

by Tiffany in Freebies

Any yoga fans out there? This giveaway is for you.

They are called Yoga Stick-e Socks! Now you won’t need a rug or yoga mat anymore…these socks make it yoga socksfeel as if you are going barefoot but you don’t slip and slide. They feel just like regular socks but they have a hole for each toe to extend through so the toes remain exposed. The exposed toes enable gripping during exercise which is really important for yoga.

With their soft-as-silk Bamboo fiber they provide a hygienic, non-slip, sweat-absorbing environment for all your barefoot exercise including Yoga, dance, Pilates, and Karate and they made form a sustainable and earth friendly material. They would be perfect for yoga classes to. Even if you bring a mat as it is nice to have something covering your feet while not sacrificing your ability to “stick” your poses. They come in black and beige and they very affordable in price.

I am giving away a pair of black on black Yoga Stick-e Socks in size small (women’s 4-7). These would also be a great gift for a yogi in your life.

To Win: Just comment!

If you want two chances to win you can link to this blog from your own blog…make sure to leave a trackback or a second comment to let me know about the link to so you have a total of two comments and therefore two chances to win. The winners will be announced on Monday, April 28. Good luck everyone!


Food Tees – Earth Week Giveaway

by Tiffany in Freebies

Food TeeAnother great T-shirt form another great company! The giveaway today is a Food Tee.

These t-shirts are designed to be fresh, healthy, and invigorating. For food conscious moms and kids they also help you to share a love of fruits and veggies. They help promote a healthy lifestyle and attitude about food with over 20 beautiful designs for children and adults, from onsies to aprons. These would be really good for raw foodies, vegans, and vegetarians.

I LOVE some of these t-shirts, like the ones that say No Sugar Added, Bite Me (with a carrot picture), and Think Before You Eat (with a picture of a doughnut). A portion of the profits from t-shirt sales also goes to Two Angry Moms, who are fighting for lunch reform on our public schools. That is pretty cool. I need to get the carrot one. :)

I am giving away a size small (2-4) white t-shirt with a red raspberry on it that says “all natural” underneath!

To Win: Just comment!

If you want two chances to win you can link to this blog from your own blog…make sure to leave a trackback or a second comment to let me know about the link to so you have a total of two comments and therefore two chances to win. The winners will be announced on Monday, April 28. Good luck everyone!


Friday Wrap Up – Skinny Songs, Freebies & Stuff

friday wrap upTGIF! Have an awesome weekend everyone!

I subscribe to an awesome monthly newsletter called Parental Intelligence. The editor Bob Collier, puts together a great collection of resources and links every month that invite you to “explore the psychology of happy and successful parenting, connect with bright minds, discover new ideas and sail outside the mainstream for a while without running aground.” For the March 2008 issue I was excited to see the fourth resource down was my article on Parenting Styles That Go Against the Grain. Woot! The mere mention of my article in a newsletter about parental intelligence has given me a big head. I will be much to busy kissing my reflection to blog much anymore…sorry. ;) Ah okay…all kidding aside thanks Bob for the link love.

In Bob’s last newsletter I found an article about a British school that is taking a lot of heat for “breaking all the rules”. It is a very liberal boarding school in England that allows self government. The kids make the rules and regulations and they attend lessons when they want to. They also get to choose what they want to learn. Many want the school to be closed but the problem is that exam results for these students are above the national average. ;) How can you argue with that?

“Summerhill is all about your individual rights, your rights to make your own decisions and to develop into the person you want to be. Those are fundamental rights, but children are never normally offered them. Because of traditional child-rearing expectations, people make the assumption that children can’t be in control of their own lives, but at Summerhill we see that they can be. They can take decisions and they can run the school.”

It is a great article in defense of self government for kids and unschooling too.

Here is an article with ideas for recycling worn out blue jeans. Pretty cool.

If your anything like me you like some jammin music playing when you work out. I have my Shuffle filled with high powered, upbeat music just for this purpose…Pump Up the Jam, Ride On Time, etc. In the mail last week I got a CD called Skinny Songs. This CD basically takes that same idea but goes a step further and adds a weight loss theme to the music. It has original music sung by great musicians with titles like “I’m a Hottie Now” and “Use It To Lose It”. They are songs intended to help you tune in, tone up, and trim down. It is a pretty cool concept I must say and the songs are good.

I am giving away a copy of the Skinny Songs CD to a reader. Just leave a comment if you want it!

And I have even more to give away. I do a fair amount of book reviews on this blog and usually when I am done reading I gift my books to friends, I keep them for reference, or I send them along a chain of Internet friends. Last night my book shelves got cleaned up a bit and I have some used books to giveaway. Some of them I reviewed here and some are just miscellaneous books from my collection. If you want them just comment below and tell me what book(s) you want. One book will be awarded per person (US or Canada only).

Here is my list of books to gift away:

Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser

Shopping Our Way to Safety by Andrew Szasz

How to Eat Like a Hot Chick by Jodi Lipper and Cerina Vincent

Diaper Changes – The Complete Diapering (cloth) Handbook and Resource Guide

Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens

Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips by Kris Carr

The Right Words at the Right Time by Marlo Thomas and Friends

You know what to do. Winners will be announced next Friday. Have a great weekend!


Natural Spa Stuff

Spa Facial

I must admit I am not big on lotions, cremes, makeup, spa stuff and generally any of that girly stuff that leaves you smelling like a flower. I don’t wear jewelery either…I guess I am just low maintenance in that regard.

I was impressed though by a couple items that came to me in the mail lately.

The first package was from Eclipse Spa. I visited the web site before I even looked at the goodies and it really got me excited about the products. When you enter you hear some serene music like you would hear in a spa. It made me want to take a long luxurious bath and I was in luck because they sent me some scrumptious soaps. I loved the Wildflower Soap . Mmmm….the soaps smell divine and they have huge chunks of flowers and herbs in them. Their candles smell pretty good too.

Of course the best part about this set of spa products is that it uses organic formulations, environmentally friendly products and they are USA made. Their packaging materials are also eco friendly, recycled and made from natural fibers.

Another promising company is Kazam Natural Body Care. They make a variety of natural body care products made from the finest natural ingredients so that you get a natural yet luxurious experience. The founder, Marjorie Moutari, received her training in natural personal care products, perfume and essential oil manufacturing in Europe, Africa and the United States. She has conducted many workshops and seminars, training African women to make soaps , lotions, essential oils and perfumes. Kazam soaps look amazing too. Gals that love that spa experience will be able to appreciate having it at home with natural products that are healthy for body and planet.

Giveaway!! I am giving away a bar of RosemaryLavendar Soap and an English Ivy candle from Eclipse Spa and a bottle of Enchanted Dream Body Lotion from Kazam to one lucky reader. Just leave me a comment and tell me why you want them! I will announce the winner on Dec. 28th.

Friday, December 21st, 2007

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