Liquid Iron for Energy and Vitality

by Tiffany in Health & Healing


It is a little hobby of mine to window shop the supplement isle at health food stores. There are so many amazing options for those of who want to take charge of our health. My husband likes to look at all the protein powders, pouring over the ingredients list and I am drawn to natural sleep aids, hormonal support products, and also any product that uses natural ingredients to boost energy and vitality. I have seen Gaia Herbs products dozens of times…picked them up, read the labels and descriptions, etc but until last month never purchased. I really want to try to so many different products (Gaia’s included) but one could go broke fast if they don’t keep it in check.

As I said though I did finally try one of their products last month…the PlantForce™ Liquid Iron.  Iron is an important mineral that can help you feel more energetic, vibrant and alive. When it is lacking we get tired. Iron actually enables your blood to deliver oxygen to each of your cells…which they need to function properly. It is crucial for our vitality and stamina to get enough iron and liquid iron supplements are typically the best delivery system for rapid assimilation.

Now I don’t typically think of myself as a prime target for low iron levels since I am paleo and very carnivorous. My schedule and overall activity changed recently though. I am going, going, going constantly it feels like with long days standing and moving. Gone are the days of sitting at a computer for most of the day. Being gone and moving so much also makes it harder to eat paleo 100% so I have been eating less of the stuff I need and want. Good riddance to being chained to my desk every day I say but it got me thinking about stamina and energy. My first plan of attack was to adjust my diet…eat more and eat a bit differently. That requires so much planning though (which I am not so good at). I also started playing around with supplements, like Gaia Herbs PlantForce™ Liquid Iron, so that I would not be tempted to drink coffee and energy drinks. Thus far I have been very pleased with the results. I expect to be able to rise at 4:00-4:30ish every day without coffee or stimulants and be on the move for 10+ hours. So far, so good.

Liquid iron is usually metallic tasting and hard to take in my experience. This product is much easier to take, especially if it is really cold. It much more palatable than any other I have tried and if you drink a little orange juice afterwards, you are good to go. It has organic elderberry juice for a berry flavor, organic honey that lightly sweetens, essential oil of sweet orange & extract of star anise lend a hint of citrus and spice. It’s a pretty nice combo.

It also has…

Acerola fruit extract – naturally occurring Vitamin C that supports iron absorption at cellular level.

Sea Buckthorn fruit juice – naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that promotes absorption.

Beet root juice – naturally rich in elemental iron.

Parsley leaf – Elemental iron and Vitamin C that supports iron absorption at the cellular level.

Nettle Leaf – elemental Iron phosphate.

Dandelion leaf – Vitamins A&C & naturally occurring elemental iron supports liver and promotes absorption.

Fennel seed – Supports body’s ability to neutralize gas or bloating.

Yellow Dock root – Iron phosphate, which promotes absorption.

What it does…

• Provides elemental iron

• Promotes iron absorption

• Supports red blood cell production

• Stimulates cellular energy

• Supports liver

• Optimizes body’s ability to neutralize gas and bloating

Gaia Herbs PlantForce™ Liquid Iron is a plant based herb and mineral formula which many people love (especially vegetarians). It is also made with 85% organic ingredients! It is non-constipating, which is important because conventional iron supplements can really plug things up. It is also appropriate for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

I have gotten in the habit of taking it every morning when I start my day, usually first thing because I am not quick to develop an appetite and this seems to get things rolling for me. It gives me the energy I need until I do feel like eating but in general I like the way I feel and the amount of energy I have when I am consistently taking it. If you need an iron supplement or just want o make sure your bases are covered I highly recommend giving this one a whirl.

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This post is written in connection with Gaia Herbs and Green Sisterhood.

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Holistic Solutions for Back to School Illness

by Tiffany in Health & Healing

Holistic Solutions for Back to School Illness

I have already seen a huge surge of parents on my Facebook feed talking about their kids being sick after only a few days or weeks back at school. Such is life. Kids go back to school, they make new friends, they meet their new teachers, and they come home with less than exciting new illnesses. With so many children in one place if one of them has a runny nose and cough then logically many will end up with it. What can you do?

Well, actually there is quite a bit we can do to prevent illness by strengthening our children’s immune system and their capability of fighting off germs and bugs. If you need ideas I have plenty in my article 15 Ways to Boost Immunity and Keep Illness Away Without Vaccines. The natural mom actually has quite a bag of tricks at her disposal. In that article I discuss everything from air purifiers, to probiotics, to herbs, and which common foods actually lower our defenses and open us up to illness.

What though when your kids get sick anyway. It happens. There are holistic solutions for dealing with those little ups and downs too.

Cold/Flu – Give your kiddos plenty of warm liquids and fluids such as bone both. Also give them an immunity boost with elderberry like Sambucol. You can also make your own pretty easily. Other than that…lots of rest and steamy showers will help them ride it out comfortably. If they are congested put a few drops of peppermint essential oil in their shower and that will clear the sinuses right quick.

Pinkeye – This is a common childhood ailment but it can be very uncomfortable and irritating. Apply chamomile tea bag compresses, as hot/warm as you can get them. This is antiviral and antimicrobial. You can also use Boiron Homeopathic Eye Drops and their Pulsatilla orally to help with discharge.

Head Lice – Ew! Few things are as gross, in my opinion, as bugs that live in your hair but this is another common problem that school age children must face. Let’s just hope you catch it BEFORE it spreads to the whole family. Luckily you can treat it with natural ingredients such as coconut oil and essential oils. I have a homemade lice shampoo recipe you might want to try. LiceMD Lice is also an effective store bought brand that does not use pesticides. It is a way better option that most others on the market.

Ear Infections – Because of their anatomy children are more susceptible to ear infections. Also popular diet staples such as sugar, diary, grains/gluten, and soy can help things along. To treat, work on cleaning up their diet and use the soothing herbals found in Gaia Kids Ear Drops.

Fever – If your kiddos have a fever then rejoice rather than panic. Their body is already on top of the situation and is fighting off whatever bug they have. Fevers are GOOD. We don’t want to give them any conventional meds that will break that fever, rather we just want to make sure they are comfortable. They need rest and fluids primarily and Aconitum Napellus can help them sleep.

I know every parent gets frustrated and perhaps a little worried when their littles get sick but with a little planning and a little trust…we can use natural methods to help them ride these ailments out.

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013



Aloe Vera – Nature’s Super Plant

by Tiffany in Health & Healing

Healing Uses for Aloe VeraThere are so many benefits and uses for aloe vera that you would think it is some kind of super plant.  Well, if you want the truth, it kind of is. An aloe plant may not wear a cape and tights, but it is definitely capable of near miracles when it comes to healing cuts, burn, and other skin irritations. In addition, there are numerous health benefits of ingesting aloe vera juice (or gel in a capsule formula). It’s nature’s wonder drug and the reason why I have half a dozen aloe plants growing in my home all year long. They are really easy to grow and really beneficial to have on hand so why not??

Healing Uses for Aloe Vera

Aloe is awesome for healing all kinds of minor skin aliments.  Probably one of the most common uses is for sunburn.  Using Aloe gel (98% pure or better) on sunburn will not only soothe the sting of the burn, but will re-hydrate the burned skin and, if used liberally, can prevent your skin from blistering and peeling. It can be applied  fresh from the plant, sprayed on, and you can even use freeze the aloe juice/gel in ice cube trays and then use the cubes to rub on and soothe the skin.

But the uses of Aloe Vera gel are not limited to sunburn.  This wonder plant is also excellent for soothing and promoting the rapid healing of regular minor burns as well as skin rashes, cuts, insect stings, and has even been used to reduce the irritation of acne.

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera contains not only 12 vitamins and 20 minerals but also 20 amino acids and over 200 other active components which, together, can promote health and vitality for the entire body. The benefits of ingesting so many incredible nutrients can work wonders on the overall health of the body.  Regular consumption can help you to stabilize your body weight, improve your immune system, increase your energy level, as well as help you to maintain healthy skin, teeth, and gums and even regulate your digestive system. I drank it liberally while I was undergoing treatment for colon cancer. Since I was on some pretty horrible pharma drugs at the time I figured my body needed all the TLC it could get. That was seven years ago.

How to Use Aloe Vera

While you can buy aloe vera gel for burns and cuts in most drug stores and can pick up a bottle of gel capsules while you are browsing the aisles, the simplest and best way to get the full use of the aloe vera plant is to grow your own.

Aloe Vera plants are easy to grow and mean that you always have a ready supply should you need it.  Simply break off a piece and squeeze out the gel for minor cuts, burns and scrapes.  Ingesting is fresh can be a little more complicated since you want to avoid the yellowish liquid that lies between the pure inner gel and the outer skin.  In fact, consuming this yellowish liquid can cause stomach upset so you have to be careful if you are preparing gel to drink.  Another downside to the consumption of fresh aloe is that it has to be used immediately or it loses many of its nutrients and healing properties due to oxidization.

No Matter How You Slice It

The uses and benefits of aloe vera are many and varied. While fresh aloe is purer and more potent than over-the-counter varieties, the fact remains that no matter how you use it, it can work wonders for your health and give you relief from so many minor skin irritations, burns and cuts that having some readily available is like having a magic wand in your pocket.

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013



Simple and Effective Tips To Help Anyone With a Low Thyroid Lose Weight and Get Into Shape

by Guest in Health & Healing

Endocrinologist checking for thyroid problemsA guest post by Avelina Kongoi

We all know how difficult it can be to lose weight at the best of times but just imagine how hard it is to shed even a single pound of body fat when you’re battling hypothyroidism. The reality is that this is a condition that is affecting more and more people’s lives every single year, and it shows no signs of actually stopping.

There are almost 28 million people in America who have been told by their doctors that they have an underactive thyroid. But even more surprising than this number is the fact that there are way more people out there that are still waiting to be diagnosed and given the treatment they require to get better.

Aside from hypothyroidism, there’s another condition that’s also getting more and more common and it goes by the name of subclinical hypothyroidism. This disease doesn’t actually do anything to the individual’s thyroid but it still leaves them experiencing many of the symptoms that are common with people that usually have full blown hypothyroidism. The good news however is that if the person just improves their diet for the better then everything can be flipped around.

So what happens when the individual is suffering from hypothyroidism? Well more than likely it will leave them with a much slower metabolism which will result in them burning way less calories than normal.

Any person out there that doesn’t have thyroid glands that are working properly will find that they will struggle to lose weight. This is because the thyroid glands are responsible for creating two very important hormones known as T3 and T4. These hormones are basically what control your body’s rate of metabolism.

So any individual who doesn’t have enough of these hormones will find it a lot harder to lose weight! This is precisely why losing weight can be do damn difficult.

However those of you that are absolutely dedicated to getting results will be glad to know that you can get it done by following the tips below:

Tip 1: Get a Fully Qualified Doctor to Properly Diagnose and Then Give You Treatment

The first step you must implement is to make sure that you get a fully qualified doctor to thoroughly check you over to give you the diagnosis and treatment that you need.

How you are diagnosed will totally be dependent upon the results of the blood test that your doctor actually gives you. This simple and quick blood test will basically be measuring exactly how much T3, T4 and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) you have inside your body. Should the results come back to show that you have really high amounts of TSH but really low amounts of T4 and T3 then it’s pretty much guaranteed that you do indeed have hypothyroidism!

The American Thyroid Association states that you need to have a TSH level of about 2.5 mIU/L to be officially considered as being hypothyroid.

Those of you that do get the diagnosis that you do actually have an underactive thyroid will go on to be prescribed with some sort of synthetic T4. Most of the time you’ll be given medication that goes by the name of levothyroxine. The great thing about this medicine is that it will help to get your levels of thyroid hormone right back into the healthy range where it should be to get your metabolism fired up again.

Tip 2: Start Making Meals That Are Really Healthy and Nutritious

The best and most effective way to help yourself lose all the weight you want to lose is to make sure that you start eating healthy and nutritious meals. Not even hypothyroidism will be able to stop you from losing weight if you can do this. Every single meal that you sit down to consume should contain a healthy portion of both protein and vegetables.

You might not realize this but protein is actually very satiating. It has been shown to not only keep hunger at bay for a good number of hours but it also helps to protect your metabolism boosting muscle mass, which is very important when you are focused on trying to lose weight and get into shape.

Tip 3: Begin Consuming Tons of Foods High in Fiber and Totally Avoid Processed Junk Foods

Nothing out there is going to be more detrimental to your long term weight loss success than you eating junk foods that do nothing but cause you to gain weight! Seriously you need to do your level best to dump these foods in favor of foods that contain a good amount of fiber in them. The first benefit you’ll notice is that fiber rich foods are very good for keeping your hunger at bay.

Of course the other benefit of getting a good amount of fiber into your body is that it will help to prevent any sort of chronic constipation from occurring which is very common among people that suffer from hypothyroidism.

Tip 4: Exercise Properly

Truth be told, after diet exercise is going to be the key to you really getting the dream body you’ve always desired. So regardless of the time that you’re able to dedicate to exercise every single day, it’s going to be in your interest to make sure that you’re doing whatever you can.

The really great thing about exercise is the fact that it contributes to weight loss a lot more than just helping you burn calories in the moment. Rather it will help to build up a good amount of high quality muscle mass which is essential to getting your base metabolic rate to rise and rise.

And as we all probably know the higher an individual’s metabolism the more weight they are going to end up burning over the long term!

The only way to really overcome hypothyroidism for good and lose the weight you want to lose is by making sure that you remain consistent in your efforts and never allow hypothyroidism to stop you from getting what it is that you want.

Believe me, only you can stop yourself from getting the results that you truly desire! This means you just need to make sure that you keep a positive mind and that you keep moving towards your goals every single day! Do this and believe me soon enough you will end up in the best shape of your life.

Make sure that you head over to http://hypothyroidismdietplan.org/ where you will find all the latest and greatest on exactly what you need to get into the best health of your life, even if you happen to be suffering from an underactive thyroid!

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12 Natural Ways to Soothe & Heal Bug Bites

by Tiffany in Health & Healing

12 Natural Ways to Soothe & Heal Bug Bites

It’s that time of year when moms start to worry about making sure their precious littles are sufficiently protected from the bugs of summer. If your kids are anything like mine they don’t want to play outside in the heat of the day, when the bugs are few and far between, and who could blame them? When the sun starts to fade and the temperature dips though they get a second wind and they hit the door running. Unfortunately the bugs (ie mosquitoes) have the same idea. My kids have already come inside with fresh bugs bites only to spend the remainder of the evening itching up a storm. During the summer months lots of families can be found several evenings a week attending some sort of outdoor event so bugs become a problem.

First we need to set up a good offense and send everyone outside with some protection…a bug barrier. A super easy and natural way to repel bugs is to make an essential oil spray. Just put some clove, basil, juniper, pine, or cedar oils inside a carrier oil like Jojoba or grain alcohol and spray as needed. Even easier and cheaper than that is to use garlic juice and water and spray as needed. You can also buy a more natural product if you don’t want a DIY product. We like and use the Badger Anti-Bug Twist-Up Stick. You put it on lightly or thick and it smells really nice without being at all greasy. No harmful DEET!

You can also get proactive by planting strategically around your house with plants that the bugs don’t like. Rosemary, basil, catnip, and lemon balm are a few plants you can grow that have wonderful insect-repelling qualities

What do you do though when you or the kiddos get bit or stung by ants, bees, mosquitoes and other buggy creatures despite your best efforts? Here are some…

Natural Ways to Soothe and Heal Bug Bites and Stings

Aloe Vera – Cut a small section of your plant (seriously every family needs to have at least one Aloe Vera plant in their home) and rub on, allowing the juices to dry and soothe.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Apply a few drops of ACV directly and allow to dry. Repeat as needed. You can also add a couple cups to your bath water for a soak.

Dry Soap – Rub dry bar soap on the wound to help with itch. I like Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint.

Onion – Take a thin slice of onion and apply directly to the bite/sting. Great for bee stings!

Baking Soda Paste – Mix some baking soda with water to form a paste and apply as needed to soothe and help with itchiness.

Toothpaste – Rub on a bit of a natural toothpaste brand and allow to dry. I haven’t tried it yet but I think Earthpaste Peppermint would work really well for this since it has natural clay in it and peppermint is soothing and cooling.

Lavender Oil - A few drops applied directly to the wound.

Local Raw Honey – This is soothing and it has antimicrobial properties which is awesome for when dirty little fingernails are scratching and digging, thus opening the door for infection. Apply directly to the bite.

Banana Peel – Rub the inside of a banana peel on the wound. Very effective but usually needs to be repeated hourly.

Tea Bags – After brewing up a batch of tea use the bag to soothe any bug bites.

Crushed/Chewed Leaves – Crush up or chew up some basil or plantain leaves until they are soggy. Apply directly to the bite/sting.

Lemon/Lime Slices – Apply directly.

Do you have a natural bug bite remedy that works well for you?

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013