Fly High Joy Organic Kids Tees

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Organic tee for kids

I mentioned it in passing on my green birthdays post but on her birthday Paige got a new tee from Fly High Joy. She wore it to her party the following weekend in fact.

I like it because it is 100% organic cotton and thus earth friendly and it has a good message on it while still being cute. The organic factor is no small one since nearly half of the most commonly used pesticides used to grow conventional cotton have been labeled “probable” carcinogens by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

My daughter likes it because it is soft and comfy and because she loves the adorable heart character and the slogan. Her shirts says “I like Being a Kid Just for the JOY of It”. Other shirts say “Fly High With JOY” or “Jumping with JOY”. To her the message is like a motto to make sure the day is a joyful one when that shirt is on.

I love the message because in this day and age when kids get stressed so easily I think they need to concentrate on being joyful and playing. They seem to grow up too fast nowadays. They need to feel that joyful abandon that the heart figure in the shirt seems to have perfected. Adult concerns and stresses will come but right now preserving childhood is one of my main concerns.

Sharing JOY seems to be the key reason why this company was started to:

We make t-shirts with your JOY-Heart figure on them and share the JOY with others. I thought that was a great idea, so we proceeded to create a line of high quality, ultra-soft & comfy designer clothing and plush toys, along with other products (still in the works), all bearing the message of JOY. – Fly High Joy

And they don’t just make tees for kids either. They have some for men and women too. I want the one that says “Live JOY Every Day.” Mom needs to be joyful too right?

If you are looking for cute organic tees make sure to stop by Fly High Joy…


Organic Tees Giveaway

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organic baby teeNo doubt we would all dress ourselves and our kids in organic and natural threads if we could…but for many this is still a not so attainable goal right now. Organic duds cost more and they aren’t readily available in the stores we usually shop in. But for those that splurge occasionally and get organic clothes I recently come across two really cool companies that make adorable, organic gear for kids.

The first is Green Apple Baby. Not only do they sell gorgeous 100% organic tees with a natural cotton/green apple print color scheme that I love…they adorn their tees with messages of love and inspiration. They are for conscious parents that want to send a positive and earth friendly message. They use water based inks and they are grown and sewn in the good ol USA. Seeing the tiny baby clothes from Green Apple Baby really made me heartsick for another youngin. Like any other mom I suppose, I was enthralled with cute baby clothes but add organic, natural, earth friendly fibers and the wow factor is even greater.

I have a Green Apple Baby tee to giveaway, size 6-12 months. It says “I am a Genius” in green water based ink and it has their signature apple on it. It is perfect for baby boys and baby girls and has a lap shoulder neckline for easy dressing. It is made of soft, jersey knit and 100% organic cotton.

Another great company is Cool Green Attitudes. This company is great for older kids and they make a really great line of “cool” kids clothing with great messages of self worth. Not only are they organic cotton they have really neat messages like “I am Unique”, “I am Kind & Caring”, “I am Intelligent”, and “I Am Fair and Honest”. Just like adults do, children can suffer from negative thoughts about themselves, by accepting the negative opinions, fears and superstitions of others around them. These shirts are organic cotton Confidence t shirts, to encourage and enable children to affirm a positive sense of self and attitude.

They come in white, pink, and blue and they all have the Cool Green Attitudes signature green guy on them…”Buddy” The Organic Cotton Bud Man.

To give away I have a size 18 months, white tee that says “I am Infinate Potential”. I also have a pink 2T tee that says “I am Creative”.

Winners are

#10 Thea
#19 Karen
#58 Sap

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

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Eco Ike Organic Kids Clothing – Earth Week Giveaway

Eco Ike is a fabulous new store that I found recently that makes green t’s and products for a happy, healthy world. They keep everything organic, sweatshop free, and 100% fair trade!

They have some adorable t-shirt design for children including one that says “Be Green” and my personal favorite, “I’m Organic”, with the “O” in organic being a smiling toddler face. They are soft and comfy too. :)

Eco Ike also has some gorgeous animal designs t-shirts and resusable bags. I just LOVE the fact that they are a triple threat – stylish, sustainable, and fair trade. What more could an ethical and green mom ask for?

The packaging is another awesome feature. They use 100% recyled paper and 100% biodegradeable ribbon for all their packaging. Plus 5% of their proceeds is donated to American Forests.

I love supporting these smaller, ethical companies, so in celebration of Earth Week I have a great Eco Ike giveaway for you. Special thanks to Eco Ike for donating the prizes!

I have two natural colored “I’m Organic” t-shirts to giveaway. One is a standard jersey t-shirt in 3T. The other is a 3T fitted t-shirt for girls. The size actually says 1 (european sizing) on the latter shirt but is is equvilent to a size 3 US.

To Win: Just comment! And let me know which t you want. There will be two winners.

If you want two chances to win you can link to this blog from your own blog…make sure to leave a trackback or a second comment to let me know about the link to so you have a total of two comments and therefore two chances to win. The winners will be announced on Monday, April 28. Good luck everyone!

The Promise of a Flower…Organic Happiness


I ran across a contest at Crazy Hip Blog Mamas and it turns out that I have something to say in regards to the topic….flowers. So I decided to enter with the following article. No doubt it may be too political but fun to write nonetheless.

If a Flower is a Promise for the Future – What Future Do We Want?

When I think of flowers I think of beauty, happiness, and good times. Some of the most exciting times of the year are those seasonal moments when a new flower blooms and we get to bask in its glory for a short time. It is no wonder that we like to send flowers to our loved ones and special friends hoping that they too might bask in that glorious feeling and promise the feelings and promises that only flowers bring. All the special moments in our lives weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations may well have been touched by and commemorated by flowers. Even the sad times in our lives, when a loved one passes away, bring flowers to us with a promise for the future. On all these occasions flowers say what words struggle to do. That is the power behind each beautiful petal.

In the sonnet Flowers, Love’s Truest Language, Park Benjamin states Flowers are Love’s truest language; they betray, Like the divining rods of Magi old, Where precious wealth lies buried, not of gold, But love–strong love, that never can decay!

The flower represents so many things love, joy, promise, grief, and remorse a tall order for any object but a flower fulfills its destiny beautifully and with grace. I am sure that everyone would seek to preserve the very essence of flowers but sadly their essence is losing some of its luster and the meaning. Would a flower grown under conditions that do not preserve their very nature and essence be regarded as highly?

What I do not like to think about of in regards to flowers is chemicals, toxic work conditions, and global warming but these are things that should come to mind when we think of flowers. The fact is most flowers are imported from other countries where they are doused in toxic chemicals to preserve them, cared for by workers who are shrouded in toxic fumes all day, and they are transported thousands of miles emitting many tons of greenhouses gases into the air. How can flowers hold promise when their method of growth and delivery is in direct contradiction?

The next Fields of the World arrangement should come direct from the United States and from rich, organic soil. We can curb a flowers contribution to global warming by selecting flowers that grow locally and by growing them organically they are safe and they retain their essence as Mother Nature intended. It does not matter if the arrangement is comprised of roses, lilies, baby’s breath, or carnations they all have a lovely story to tell and as long as they are locally grown and organic in nature then they will have a special place in all my life events that require the beauty and promise of a flower.


FACT – Organics are Healthier for You

Organic Grocery ShoppingAs if we needed proof of that right? ;)

Well, the science is on our side too. Two recent studies show that organic food is healthier.

The first study was conducted by The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry and the outcome after 10 years of research and comparing organic and conventional tomatoes was that organic tomatoes are twice as high in flavanoids then conventially grown. Woohoo! This study joins others that recently found organic tomatoes to have higher levels of vitamins and minerals. This is attributed to healthier soils found on organic farms.

Another study from the British Journal of Nutrition showed that organic dairy and meat products in a mother’s diet positively affect the nutritional quality of her breast milk—markedly increasing beneficial fatty acids. These fatty acids are important as they are believed to have anti-carcinogenic, anti-atherosclerotic, anti-diabetic and immune-enhancing effects, as well as a favorable influence on body fat composition. The immune development properties are especially important for newborns. This study just shows how important breastfeeding is AND how important an organic diet is.