5 Ways to Recycle Your Blue Jeans

by Tiffany in Eco Tips, Recycle, Sewing

tuesday tipI seem to be suffering from clumsiness lately. A few weeks back I was walking out of my bedroom and instead of clearing the doorway my left hip brushed the doorjamb and caught on the receiver end of the door knob thingamajiggy┬á(not sure what to call it). It ripped my jeans ever so slightly. The 1.5 inch tear didn’t bother me much so I just kept wearing them as is. Well it happened again a few days ago and now that tear streaks down my whole back side…so they are not wearable anymore. A patch would look ridiculous and would be awkward to get on so now I need to figure out what to do with them. If only I could find my sewing machine I would make numbers 1 and 2.

Ideas for Recycling Blue Jeans:

1. An iPod pocket protector – Use the pocket area of your blue jeans to make a nifty little purse for small electronics like cell phones and iPods. It would also be perfect as a little snack bags for young kids. Get instructions here.

2. Use the legs to make a wall organizer perfect for sewing notions.

3. Stuff them with straw and use them to create a scarecrow for fall decorating.

4. Cut them into squares and make a quilt or cut them into strips and make a rag rug.

5. Make denim pot holders.