No Time in the Morning? Make Over Your Evenings Instead

by Tiffany in Tidbits

Many, many gurus, authors, coaches, and general advice givers often advise you to get up earlier and create special morning routines to get your day started right. I have no issue with this advice. I think it is spot on and can help you create some winning habits and some great successes in life. But I don’t do it.

Why don’t I try and makeover my mornings? Well, mostly because it is unrealistic for me. My mornings begin at 4:00 AM by necessity. I am not going to get up even earlier than that…I just can’t. Or won’t. Either way I get up early enough, thank you very much.

Now making over my evenings??? That I can do and a new 14 day course showing just how that can be accomplished is right up my alley. If I want my mornings to off without a hitch and get more accomplished, and be more focused than that needs to start in the evening. If we want to stop sleepwalking through life and just going through the motions then we need to make a plan of attack. If that cannot happen in the morning hours as so many advise, then it’s time to makeover our evenings. We have to be intentional about it. This course helps with that intention and purpose.

In just 15 minutes a day over two weeks you’ll learn how to:

  • Establish a Realistic Evening Routine that works — and that sets you up for amazing success!
  • Design a Prioritized To Do List for each day — one that you’re actually excited to wake up and tackle!
  • Create a Best Stuff List of the most important activities and commitments you should be invested your time, life, and energy into right now.
  • Eliminate calendar conflicts once and for all — and how to do so without guilt or frustration.
  • Nourish your body, nurture your soul, and no longer put your health on the back burner — even in the middle of a busy and full life.
  • Assemble a wardrobe of simple outfits you love and that make you feel great — so you can dress for the day you want to have, instead of the one that’s trying to have you.
  • Develop a contagious, positive attitude — so you can experience and express more joy in your everyday life.
  • And more…


10 Best Gifts for Wildlife Lovers

by Tiffany in Tidbits

With the festive period looming it can be tricky picking the perfect gift for everyone so we thought we would help make your job a little easier. If you have a wildlife loving friend or relative then we have picked some of the best gifts that you can purchase for them this year – and best of all, they’re all under £30.

1. Build your own nest box – £19.80, Vine House Farm


This is a great gift, not just for wildlife enthusiasts but for the whole family as everyone can get involved constructing a bird box which looks great in your garden. If you purchase through Vine House Farm a donation from the sale will also be made to The Wildlife Trustwhich means that buying your gift will also help protect the environment!

2. Mark Carwardine’s Ultimate Wildlife book – £25, Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust

 wildlife experiences

Over the past 30 years TV presenter Mark Carwardine has been exploring some of the world’s most remarkable wildlife hotspots. This book brings together all his experiences and makes for the perfect gift for any wildlife lover looking for their next destination.

3. Countryfile 2016 Calendar – £9.50, Countryfile


The Countryfile calendar features some stunning images across the seasons and at less than £10 it makes for a fantastic present. Sales from the calendar also support BBC Children in Need.

4. Etch butterfly 2016 diary – £9, Paperchase

butterfly journal

Portable, practical and pretty, this diary will give you everything you could possibly need when it comes to planning your weekly activities – there’s even enough space inside to jot down your wildlife experiences as you go along.

5. Wild Animals Thermos Flask – £19.99, Wayfair


This thermos flask is the ideal gift for those who like to spend their days exploring but want something to keep them warm. Capable of holding around 500 ml it is the perfect size for transporting on your next adventure!

6.Butterfly Feeder – £14.30, Vine House Farm


If your garden looks a bit like a butterfly farm then why not consider adding this feeder. It can be hung anywhere around your garden although the closer to flowers the more butterflies you are likely to attract!

7. Grow Your Own Mushrooms Kit – £14.95, Not On The High Street


This kit provides you with everything you need to grow your own mushrooms – a great gift for wildlife lovers or foodies. It takes just two weeks from planting them to enjoy the fruits of your labour so order your kit today!

8. Adopt an animal/species – From £5, The Wildlife Trust

Barn Owl (Tyto alba). cpt. Les Binns

Otters, barn owls or a variety of different species are all available to adopt or sponsor through The Wildlife Trust. It starts from as little as £5 and all money raised is put towards managing nature reserves or creating new habitats of your chosen animal.

9. Protect Wildlife with Born Free – Your choice of donation, Born Free

born free

Born Free is a fantastic organisation that has dedicated its existence to protecting animals all over the world. All donations raised are used to help continue their good work, including projects such as Europe’s first elephant sanctuary.

10.Wildlife Days Out – From £30, Red Letter Days


If all else fails then Red Letter Days are a popular option with a variety of experiences that you can buy including owl encounters, husky dog sledding and bird of prey experiences. With prices starting from as little as £30 you’re bound to find that perfect gift you need!


CurrentC Makes Shopping and Buying Gas a Little Less Tedious

by Tiffany in Tidbits

CurrentC HomescreenThe above might sound like a strange title for a blog post but it really does capture the essence of why paying for goods, food, and gasoline with a phone might appeal to so many people. This is why it appeals to me and why I have become such a fan of the CurrentC app that is in beta right now in my neck of the woods. I started using it a couple months ago if you recall. It is often easier and faster for me to pay and get out of store with my purchases than it is when I am using a good old fashioned debit card.

My first title concept was “CurrentC for the Lazy and the Paranoid.” That sounded too negative, even if it is true. CurrentC does allow me to get out of stores faster (once you get the hang of it) and it feels much more secure in this day and age of card skimmers. Just this morning I ran across an article in my Facebook newsfeed about data skimmers being found in 7 counties in my state…usually at gas pumps. Skimmers are devices that read the data on the magnetic strip of your debit or credit card. They get attached to ATMs and gas pumps and when you slide your card, you transmit the data to the skimmer as well as to the merchant. The criminal behind the device then makes a clone of your card and sells it.

So why do I like paying for gas with CurrentC instead? Well, there are a couple reasons and security is one of them. I am not swiping a card I am sending digital information and the Paycode (aka the pay token) used within the app is for one-time use per transaction, so a new one is created every time you pay with CurrentC. The Paycode is meaningless outside of that single transaction, and stores no identifiable account information. Another big plus is that I can send this information and handle the payment part of the transaction while sitting comfortable in my car. I just used the app this past weekend at a Shell station. I pulled up, opened my app, input my pin, selected the gas station I was at, selected the pump number, and the transaction went through in seconds. All I had to do then was get out and pump the gas. When I finished I could see my receipt on my phone, at the pump if I chose to print it, and I also got an email with this info. This makes tax stuff a lot easier!

I also used the app for a little shopping at Kmart recently too. I needed a couple gift cards and the transaction there was easy peasy as well. It works a bit differently at different places. At Shell I just transmitted information, at Kmart and Giant Eagle I scanned a QR code on a payment screen, at Target and at CVS they scanned a QR code on my phone. Sometimes I used gift cards that I added to the app to pay for my purchases and sometimes I used my checking account. The nerd in me is excited to jump on the mobile pay bandwagon, the paranoid part me likes passing up on potential card skimmers, and lazy part of me likes paying for gas without getting out of the car. I think CurrentC has something to appeal to all types.

If you are not in the beta area in Columbus Ohio be sure to check it out when it hits your area!


I was compensated for my time in testing this beta app in my locale. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


#DArtagnanFeast Giveaway

by Tiffany in Tidbits

So what makes a feast? Good food and lots of of it? Yep. I also classify I feast as a roundup of foods we don’t get the pleasure of eating too often. This is the only time of year when I eat turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, etc. It just makes it special because we don’t eat these foods all year round.

I recently added some new items to feast on via D’Artagnan Foods. They were kind enough to send me a bunch of goodies and we feasted before Thanksgiving and after.


We feasted on mousse truffee, pate, sausage, duck leg confit, prosciutto, and black truffle butter. I have had some of these foods before but they are rare treats. All were delish!

We ate the mousse, pate, and sausage on crackers as appetizers during a holiday get together. The prosciutto was eaten in a salad. The duck leg confit was used to make duck pot pie. The black truffle butter was the inspiration for a couple different steak and baked potato dinners. I love truffle butter on potatoes and a good ribeye.


The folks at D’Artagnan Foods are big into farm to table, as am I. They partner only with small farms and ranches that have strict standards and never use antibiotics or hormones. I will happily order from them in the future.

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

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26 Nature Inspired Adult Coloring Books

by Tiffany in Tidbits

Adult coloring books are all the rage right now. Art therapy has long been known to help improve mood and reduce stress so it is apparent why so many adults are buying up coloring books. Below is a collection of nature inspired coloring books… just remember to frame and enjoy or recycle when done. They would make great gifts (the finished art) for nursing home residents and great gifts (the complete book) for adult friends and family. Enjoy!

nature coloring books for adults 2

1. A Coloring Book for Adults Featuring Mandalas and Henna Inspired Flowers, Animals, and Paisley Patterns – $5.87

2. Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs – $9.28

3. Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book – $9.57

4. Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest & Coloring Book – $9.57

5. Creative Haven Owls Coloring Book – $3.26

6. Adult Coloring Book: Butterflies and Flowers – $6.29

7. Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure and Coloring Book – $10.17

8. Adult Coloring Book: Ocean Animal Patterns – $11.68

9. The Time Garden: A Magical Journey and Coloring Book – $8.79

10. Whimsical Gardens Coloring Book – $5.17

11. Animal Kingdom: Color Me, Draw Me – $10.67

12. Tropical World: A Coloring Book Adventure – $8.22

13. Creative Haven NatureScapes Coloring Book – $5.99

14. Midnight Forest Coloring Book: Animal Designs on a Dramatic Black Background – $5.99

15. Goddesses Coloring Book – $2.87

16. Enchanting English Garden: An Inkcredible Scavenger Hunt and Coloring Book – $13.46

17. Creative Haven Snowflake Mandalas Coloring Book – $5.17

18. Enjoy The Most Beautiful Landscapes Coloring Book For Adults As An Relaxing Activity and Stress Relief – $4.12

19. Butterflies Coloring Book – $3.88

20. Happy Campers Coloring Book – $8.99

21. Color Me Mindful: Underwater – $8.58

22. The Art of Nature Coloring Book: 60 Illustrations Inspired by Vintage Botanical and Scientific Prints – $12.88

23. Wonderful World Of Horses Coloring Book – $3.40

24. Owls Coloring Book – $3.09

25. Dream Catcher: A Soul Bird’s Journey – $7.99

26. The Language of Flowers Coloring Book – $3.99