Cel-Lite Magic and the Fasciablaster

The Fasciablaster is an amazing tool that can do so much to not only heal the body, by healing the underlying fascia it can also eliminate cellulite. Yes, it is a myth that you must live with cellulite.

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Thousands of women all over the world have discovered this amazing tool and are taking charge of their health and wellness and getting rid of ugly dimples to boot!

Once you start blasting you realize the importance of a good oil to facilitate the process. The company that makes the device sells oils of course but the tools are pretty pricey and so are the oils. To keep costs down I typically go with Cel-Lite Magic. You get an 8 ounce bottle for $32 wholesale (compared to $35) and the shipping is cheaper and faster. You can also buy essential oils wholesale and make a DIY Blaster oil for even cheaper.

Cel-Lite Magic Massage Oil tones and nourishes the skin with pure vegetable oils, vitamin E, and authentic essential oils. Grapefruit oil improves the appearance of skin texture, while Juniper oil helps cleanse. It does not make the shower or bath slippery or clog your drain either.

To get wholesale pricing you need to become a wholesale member (as opposed to retail). It is easy to set up and all that is required to remain active is to purchase $50 worth of product a year. Easy!