For Father’s Day – Motorola Two Way Radio

motorola ml34301

This year my husband has lucked out for Father’s Day. I bought him a round of golf (18 holes) for two with a cart and a large practice net for the backyard so he can hit golf balls. He loves golf so that was a no brainer for me. I also wanted to get home something practical as well and to that end I am also giving him a set of two way radios.

They are perfect for any outdoorsman and adventurer who loves to camp, fish, and hike. My husband definitely falls within that category. He also likes to take the kids so these two way radios will come in very handy for that with their 35 mile range. Plus I must admit this gift is also a bit self serving. They can be used at home as well when my kids run off to play in the summer time. Since our kids our 7, 9, and 12 we don’t want to buy them cell phones just yet. These radios work perfectly for staying in contact with them and they are available for adventuring when needed.

For use out in the wild they have a large range, as I mentioned, a built in flashlight, ability to to listen for adverse weather alerts, and they have a hands free emergency alert mode if anyone runs into trouble. We don’t typically go adventuring in adverse weather but it will be nice to have these just the same. I think my husband will be pleasantly surprised!

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