Photo Service for Bloggers

As a writer and blogger I use lots of photos in my work. Because I love photography I also happen to take the majority of them but there are lots of times when that isn’t feasible to do. I might need a photo of soy beans (which I don’t have) or maybe I would like a photo of a woman laying in a hammock. Photos are just as important as the words in my opinion. It gives my words the right look and feel. So it is important to me to have pictures. So where do I go to get them if I cannot take them?

Well, there are some free options but they usually aren’t the best quality and/or they require a link to the photographer. I am pretty picky about outbound links. Most times I choose to purchase a stock photo and one great place I recently discovered is Fotolia. They were generous enough to offer me a month long trial and I found some GREAT photos during that time. Lots of green living, eco friendly subject matter photos, which is a big bonus. Piece meal the photos are kind of pricey though. The way to go is to get a month long subscription and plan ahead so you know what photos you need. I am not much of a planner but if I did manage to plan out my posts for a few weeks or a couple months I could save big time on stock photos and have lots of quality shots for the blog for a long time to come.

I highly recommend them for bloggers.

Image from Fotolia