Go Green Get Fit – Week Four

by Tiffany in Health & Healing

I’m one of 30 bloggers participating in the 12-week Go Green, Get Fit Challenge as part of the EcoMom Alliance Sustain YourSelf™ Program presented by PlanetShoes.com. This is my week four update, you can read about week three here.

The temperature outside reached scorching last week and that impacted my workouts. I also took time off for the 4th and don’t regret a minute of it. In fact, I had so much fun I am repeating it this week. Also a factor is the fact that my local CrossFit box has fewer available classes because we have a member who qualified to compete in the 2012 CrossFit Games. Woot! Many of the coaches and members are traveling with him to LA to cheer him on and that will effect this week’s schedule and some of next week. I plan to kick back and watch the games on TV.

On Monday the warm up was 2 rounds down and back for each with 5 pushups and ten situps between each exercise… Samson lunges, bear crawl, spidey lunges, plank walks. Skill was 3×3 dips on the bar. Strength was 5 rounds tempo dips and 6 DB bent over row (40 lbs). WOD was 21-15-9 dips, air squats, and DB bent over row.

On Tuesday my hubby went golfing so no gym time for me.

On Wednesday we all drove up to my parent’s house for the holiday. I also had no desire to do any of the insane “Freedom” workouts that many boxes were hosting. I actually saw one that lasted 4 hours! I like exercise but I have no desire to fry myself.

Thursday and Friday were spent sleeping in, taking my son fishing, going out to eat, seeing movies with my folks (Spiderman, Magic Mike), and going to garage sales.

Saturday I returned home but not in time for the Olympic Lifting class so I did a workout at home using Power Body: Kettlebell Bootcamp with Angie Miller. This time I used the 15 pound Kettlebell that the DVD recommends. I sweat up a storm even though I was in the A/C.

Sunday I did a Kettlebell workout using the Body Sculpting with Kettlebells for Women book. I have mentioned before how much I love this book so I think it is time to stop borrowing it from the library and actually buy it. I did two sets of the Gold Program, Week 1, Day 1. Warmup, rack squats, Push Press, Double Arm Overhead Swings, Backward Lunges w/Pass, Bent Over Row, Pushups, and Russian Twists.

I had a question from a Facebook friend when I posted one of my workouts via Daily Mile. She asked what weight kettlebells I use when I workout. Well, it depends on the moves and reps actually. If I am doing two handed exercises with few reps I go for a 25-35 pounder. Two handed with lots of reps I go for a 20 pounder. So if the workout calls for 50 reps then I will go heavy. If I will end up doing 100 reps or more then I go lighter. For workouts where the moves are kind of complex (aka one legged poses and figure eights) and for those that focus on one arm, I will go lighter… say 15-20 pounds and I may have one in each hand.

How did your workouts go this week?


Go Green Get Fit – Week Two

by Tiffany in Health & Healing

I’m one of 30 bloggers participating in the 12-week Go Green, Get Fit Challenge as part of the EcoMom Alliance Sustain YourSelf™ Program presented by PlanetShoes.com. This is my week two update, you can read about week one here.

Last week I managed to get to CrossFit class three times. I was all set to go four times but on the eve of the fourth class my husband emailed me to let me know he had a meeting at work so I had to stay home with our kids. On Friday morning I got a flat tire and missed my swimming class. Ugh, sometimes the universe throws me some curve balls.

At any rate I went over Monday’s workout in my previous post but here are the rest:

Tuesday: Warmup was 8 rounds EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) – situps, pushups, planks. Skill was 5 rounds of dumbbell push press (I used 20 lb DBs) and ring rows. Our daily test was 3×2 minute calorie rows. I got a 23-24-22. The WOD was 10-1 ring rows and dumbbell push press followed by a half mile run. 10-1 basically means that the first set you 10 and 10, then the second set you do 9 and 9 until you get down to 1. I knew the WOD in advance so I brought my iPod for the running which made it fly by.

Wednesday: Warmup was 2 rounds 100m run, squats, 100m row, spidey lunges, supermen, pushups, and ring rows. The daily test was 2 rounds timed shuttle/suicide runs. The WOD was 8 rounds Tabata for each exercise: Rowing, mountain climbers, medball slam, and jumping lunges.

Friday: The flat tire incident spurred me to do a workout at home. I bought Power Body: Kettlebell Bootcamp with Angie Miller on Amazon Instant Video and then streamed it to the Roku in my bedroom. It’s an awesome workout DVD! I used a 20lb Kettlebell that I bought this week and it was very challenging at that weight. I can see why the instructor recommended a 15 pound Kettlebell or lighter. It has many moves I had never seen before and it was nice to change it up plus I was absolutely drenched in sweat by the end of the workout!

I also plan to add a medicine ball to my at home equipment. Jackie Lee at Mom Strong recently shared a link on Facebook to this medicine ball interval workout on the Pumps & Iron blog and it has me excited to give it a whirl. So far I have only been able to find a 6 pound ball locally and I want at least a 12 pounder so I guess I need to order it.

This week might be a lazy one. I did get to CrossFit this morning but I am off to Detroit tomorrow morning for three days courtesy of Ford Motor Company. I am attending their Further with Ford event and I will get to meet up with some bloggy friends while I am there. I may or may not hit up the gym at the Hyatt Regency Dearborn. Their web site says they have free weights so I think I will print up some dumbbell workouts and take them just in case but it depends on how late the nights are because the mornings are pretty darn early as it is, without squeezing a workout in.

Anyway, I leave you with the workout song of the day. Have a fantastically fit week!


Go Green, Get Fit – The Challenge

by Tiffany in Fitness, Health & Healing

On June 18th, along with 20+ other green bloggers I am kicking off a Go Green, Get Fit Challenge. The idea behind it is to join together and support each other in making a commitment to fitness and since we also happen to care about sustainability issues we will be considering the impact of this process too. We moms spend so much take taking care of our families and our household responsibilities that sometimes self care gets lost in the mix. As I have discovered over the past year or so though, this is a huge mistake. My health and well being needs to be the foundation upon which all the rest is carefully laid or I am doing myself and my health a great disservice. I am also not in a position to be the best mom and wife I can be when I am unhealthy, unfocused, and unhappy.

I don’t think anyone ever sets out to be sedentary and unhealthy, they just allow other things to take priority and the cumulative effect of this over a period of years is what horrifies us when we look in the mirror or realize we can’t demonstrate a simple cartwheel for our children. I am going to be painstakingly honest about what woke me up in this regard. It wasn’t that I hated what I saw when I looked in the mirror, though I certainly had issues with that. It wasn’t that I couldn’t keep up with my kids, though I certainly could not. It was the fact that one morning I woke up to find out my marriage was likely over (and not by my choice). The idea that I might have to start over in my mid thirties motivated me into changing things up. I was faced with looking at how I wanted my life to look if I was starting an entirely new life. I wasn’t scared at all, in fact I was excited. It felt like an opportunity to put myself first after 12+ years of being dead last on my own priorities list. My husband was doing the same for himself. After a few weeks we quickly realized that there was no reason we couldn’t do this together and that it would be even easier with a loving partner. Once we started putting our own needs and that of each other at the top of the totem pole everything else just fell into place.

Our lives look sooooo very different now.

This morning I woke up at 6:00 am, showered, and hustled over to a CrossFit class. It was a morning full of pushups, situps, planks, squats, wall couch, pigeon, sprints, supermen, knee tucks on the bar, deadlifts, Kettlebell swings, Kettlebell high pulls, Kettlebell presses, and an obscene amount of Turkish get ups with a Kettlbell. My husband woke up slightly later to start taking care of the kiddies. When I got home I made breakfast and my husband readied himself for the same exact class I just took but at 10:30. While he is working out I log some work time on the computer and prepare lunch and dinner, especially if both require long cook times. Today the menu was lamb chops for breakfast, baked chicken and fresh fruit for lunch, and pork with sauerkraut is working away in the crock pot for dinner. When my husband gets home he eats lunch with us and we just hang out until he leaves for work at 2:00 pm. Often times though one of us will use this time to get out of the house to run errands or do something recreational like hit some balls at the golf range (him) or get a pedicure (me). Sometimes we nap.

After he leaves for work I keep plugging away at my desk, working but often taking breaks to do this or that with the kids. Sometimes I just have to get up and walk which means we all walk a few blocks away to a small gas station store that sells ice cream. Sometimes we go to the library for awhile. In the early evening I read usually, either inside or out depending on where the kids are playing. Later on my kiddos are required to be in their rooms and quiet by 8 PM (doing whatever they want) then I have an hour or so to watch DVR shows or read some more. In the morning we will rinse and repeat but always with fitness and health being tops on the priority list.

So why do this challenge if fitness is already a priority? Well, I thank my lucky stars I discovered CrossFit.

Previously I was swimming, running on the treadmill, and doing circuit weight machines. I felt like I was fit or on my way there and was pretty content. Then CrossFit took me to new places. Sometimes those places made me so sore I could barely get on and off the toilet without assistance and other times they made me realize the words “puke spot” painted on the sidewalk in back of the gym was no joke. I couldn’t even do one single pushup when I started, a full pushup – not the girl ones on your knees. No pushups after more than a year of exercising at the gym for 3-4 days a week.  Last week I did 110 in one workout or WOD (workout of the day). It has made me feel like an athlete and I have actual training goals now. I want more! If I can do 110+ pushups what else can I do???? I look forward to finding out.

I think it is also important to consider the impact of fitness too because it has made me a bigger consumer for sure. I try to find workout clothing at second hand stores and only rarely do I actually find some that isn’t in sizes XXS or XXL. Workout clothing gets pretty worn out, pretty fast so I am guessing that the ladies who actually wear the clothing to workout in don’t have much left to donate later. I know my workout tees get turned into rags or reusable bags when I am done with them cause they are ratty! Shoes also get worn out fast and you NEED good shoes for CrossFit. Sport bras are another thing you need to buy regularly as are workout clothes that fit with the seasons. I also admit that I am falling victim to wanting stuff I don’t actually need too, to show off my enthusiasm for the sport. Like this Kettlebell necklace. I have two of them now and they have many more colors available.  Can I resist???? I am always wearing them and I don’t even like jewelry!

During the challenge I plan to start attending Olympic Weight Lifting classes at my local CrossFit box and increase my morning workouts from 3 times weekly to 4-5 with swimming or running thrown in on the weekends. I am going to have to increase my calories to maintain muscle gain and energy levels so I will have to play around with the nutrition aspect as well. I also have goals to do kipping pull ups, hands stand pushups, toes to bar, and more consistent double unders. Once I begin Olympic Lifting I will also have weight goals too. I am ready to see just how far I can push myself and what I can accomplish during this challenge? Will you join us?



I’m Going to BlogHer12!

by Tiffany in Tidbits

I actually bought my ticket for the BlogHer 2012 conference in New York City months ago but I never announced it here. It’s not earth shattering news or anything. Then I figured that maybe I should make a little announcement just in case any readers or other bloggy friends were going so that we could arrange to meet in person. This is all part of my New Year’s Resolution to have more fun. It was a total blast to go visit Detroit earlier this year and meet up with dozens of other bloggers. In New York there will be a pool of thousands of bloggers to meet, chat up, and attend parties with. Plus, it’s the Big Apple. What could be more fun?

Well, actually I am not sure because it will be my first BlogHer but I am pretty sure it will be  blast. I made a deal with myself that I would not do any business trips or blog conferences until my kids were older. That way it wouldn’t be extremely hard on them or anyone that I enlisted to help care for them. It made me sad to pass on opportunities to travel (which I LOVE) and be more sociable with bloggers and brands but the mom part of mom blogger had to come first. Anyway I started blogging when my middle child was a newborn and now my youngest just hit lucky number six last month. It’s time to get out there and have a bit of fun.

If you are going please leave a comment on this post. I would love to know who to look out for! I would also love to hear any tips you have if you have been before.

I am also looking for a sponsor or sponsors… maybe. I say maybe because I am pretty picky about who I work with, what with all the greenwashing that goes on, but I know there has to be a potential fit out there somewhere and I am willing to chat about partnerships.

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

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Parks By Nature – State Park Mobile Apps

by Tiffany in Enjoying Nature

When I attended the Auto Show in Detroit last week I met lots of interesting business people and bloggers that is a large part of why it was so much fun. As I was standing in line to get into the Ford press conference I met Jonathan Marshall of Parks By Nature and we chatted for quite awhile about the company and their mobile apps. I just got a smart phone a couple months ago and my main reason for upgrading was to have access to apps that would make it easier to geocache and explore our city and state parks. Parks By Nature offers an app close to my heart, though sadly they do not have one for my state just yet. Even so, I wanted to recommend it for anyone who lives in a state where they have an app and also so you can keep an eye out for your state to become available, if they don’t have it yet.

Basically, it is a mobile tour guide of your state parks. It has maps of the trails and campgrounds, weather info, event info, and lots more. You can make reservations and plan your visit using the app as well as use it to navigate if you get a little lost. From what I can tell it is very well done (ie user friendly) and very attractive to the eye as well. The rep that I met was also very excited and passionate about what they do and how it can benefit families.

If it is one of your New Year’s goals to get out and do some local exploring or take a Staycation in your own state check out Parks By Nature and @PocketRanger on Twitter. Enjoy!