Bacon Wrapped Shrimp with Garlic Oil

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bacon wrapped shrimp from emeals

Another meal success with eMeals! I wrote about them a little over a week ago and how their service is helping me plan some yummy meals. This particular meal was on their special Paleo Valentine’s menu that was a bonus perk of membership. They have a regular Valentine’s menu too but since I am on the paleo menu plan I got the paleo one. I thought that was very nice bonus.

My husband will be working on Valentine’s Day most likely so we went ahead and made one of the meals today for a cozy lunch for the two of us. We made bacon wrapped shrimp on skewers, drizzled with garlic oil. We had more shrimp than we had bacon so we sauteed the remaining shrimp in bacon grease and ate those too. Yum! I have never combined shrimp and bacon before and it was delicious. I can see making it again…often. ;)

And if eMeals makes it a habit of over delivering and providing these menus for special occasions I think I may actually do better about making “special meals” on those days.

eMeals is still offering 15% off for subscribers if you use the discount code newyear. You can use it for any of the meal plans so if you have been thinking about subscribing be sure to use the code. Enjoy!


TGIF – A Fresh Spin on Hot Chocolate, Fitness Blogging, and Laser Hair Removal

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TGIF! I spent the morning seeing the new Twilight movie. Yes, I am a 35 year old woman and yes I DO like the Twilight movies. I can own it!

One of the best parts of the movie was seeing the trailers that came before it. I finally saw the trailer for the new Mortal Instruments movie (based on the books I read a couple years ago) and a trailer for the new Hunger Games movie. I am so, so psyched for them. I was also uber curious to see why there was so much fighting in the trailer for the latest Twilight movie that was not in the books…very clever and very funny to see grown women having anxiety attacks in the theater when they couldn’t figure out what was going on. All in all, it was very satisfying. ;)

This past week was mostly spent being sick with something the kids brought home from school (and dealing with another issue I mention below). I felt better somewhere around Thursday (yesterday) and got my rump back to CrossFit classes and hubby and I cooked up a storm…lamb, cranberry sauce, monkey bread (not for us – for friends), and a pork roast with sauerkraut. It felt good to get back to eating good because all I wanted to eat while sick and nursing a sore throat was Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. At least it’s Fair Trade. ;)

What I should have had was this awesome recipe for Green Tea Hot Chocolate…Yum! This would have been the “proper” way to nurse a sore throat.

 Be sure to check out this recipe and the blog…amazing recipes happening there every week.

In other news I have been dealing with a health issue in one of my kids as well. This child got a serous infection twice and had to be put on antibiotics stat, which I am loathe to do. After seeing several doctors who were kind of cryptic we finally saw a specialist this week who identified a birth defect that is causing our bout of problems. Ack! We have a barrage of tests coming up to see what we need to do. Sorry for being cryptic myself but I have to think about the privacy of my kiddos and what they would want me to say on the Internet but let’s just say if has been so very stressful! It is horrifying to hear that something is wrong anatomically with your child and that it is causing all kinds of health problems. I just keep thinking back to the fact that I had chicken pox when pregnant with this babe and how I read (way back then) that birth defects can happen. Perhaps I didn’t luck out like I thought I did?


I am also blogging somewhere new of late. I started a Fitness and CrossFit blog so that I wouldn’t bombard readers here with all my raving about CrossFit. I know some liked it and asked me to keep posting but others probably have no interest so I will just link to my fitness hijinks over there instead. Yesterday I posted about my intro back into CrossFit after taking almost a week off sick and how graceful I was not. Today was no better. My box jump bruises from yesterday now have complimentary rope burns from rope climbing. :) I also recently posted about finding gifts for CrossFitters.

This week I am kicking off a journey to see if laser hair removal is the greenest route to go. I hate shaving my legs and for years I just didn’t. I really was a hairy hippie. When I got back into fitness I went back to shaving. I just felt better about me if my legs looked clean shaven in group fitness classes. That meant having to buy disposable razors though, which is not so green. No way was I going to be getting a stainless straight razor…they scare me and I am actually not supposed to even be shaving my legs since I have almost no lymph nodes in my legs (cancer). If I get any kind of cut on my legs it takes weeks or months to heal and it scars. So what to do???

Well, I met some folks from Tria while at BlogHer in New York this past August. After a chat and some follow up emailing they generously sent me one of their home laser hair removal units. Doing it at home takes longer than doing it in a salon or doctor’s office, perhaps because you can’t get a home unit as strong as what they use? The home unit supposedly takes 6-8 months for complete hair removal with treatments being done every 2 weeks. I am not gonna lie…this thing hurts something fierce…at least on the strongest level which is what I tried first. It alternates between a feeling that you are being burned with a curling iron or being snapped hard with a rubber band. I plan to try the next treatment on a lower setting. So get ready to find out, eventually, if this home laser hair removal is reality or fiction. I primarily want to remove hair from my legs, armpits, and bikini area. The legs may take a bit longer than 6-8 months! We shall see…

Other Links of Interest for Your Weekend Perusal….

A petition started by my bloggy friend Lori (Groovy Green Livin) is going around to spur Disney to get the toxins out of their lunchboxes. Please sign if you too want to send a message that these products are not safe and Disney needs to step up and fix this.

While your at it please sign this petition to get the FDA to set arsenic limits for rice too. So many bloggers are trying to create awareness and change for our children and they need our support.

Today is the last day for the Wildcraft Herbal game sale. This is probably the last sale they will have until next year so don’t miss out on 50% off!

Have a great weekend!!!!


Ecocentric Mom Review

by Tiffany in Natural Product Reviews

Ecocentric Mom is a monthly product subscription service. I have reviewed a handful of these services on this blog and have always really liked the concept. It makes me feel like I am getting presents when every month something is delivered to my door with surprise goodies. Even though you are paying for it, it is still tons of fun. This particular box is designed to provide you with an array of earth friendly goodies for mom each month.

I got a box from Ecocentric Mom to review this month…their first month in service. Let’s dig in shall we?

Orgain Creamy Chocolate Fudge Nutritional Shake – This is a really interesting product. It is part protein shake and part veggie/fruit smoothie. It is designed to be a meal replacement shake or just a nutritional booster. I think it will make an awesome post workout refresher after CrossFit today. It has 24 vitamins and minerals and real fruits and veggies, all organic. The only thing I don’t care for is the fact that it is sweetened with brown rice syrup. As a paleo I probably will not continue buying.

Natural Vitality Natural Calm Organic Cherry Flavor – We love Natural Calm products so this was a welcome addition to the box. We are big fans of magnesium supplementation.

Tree Hugger Bubble Gum – My kids rarely get gum (see why here) so they were all over the two bags of gum in this box. It is naturally colored gumballs, gluten free, cane sugar, nut free, dairy free, kosher, and made with a sustainable chicle gum base. I had some myself and adored the cinnamon. Yum!

Laura Brooke Cosmetiques Guava Lip Glaze – Made with organic, natural ingredients. I will testing this out at BlogHer next week but so far I like it.

Vaska Scent Free Laundry Detergent – I have used Vaska before and liked it. I am sure I will feel the same this go round.

Naturally It’s Clean Floor Cleaner – I love the orange scent of this. I typically just use vinegar/water or maybe some Dr. Bronner’s so it is nice to use something new. Made with water, plant based enzymes, coconut oil surfactants, essential orange oil, and natural orange color.

Green Body Green Planet Shampoo and Conditioner – I got four little bottles. Two are the Energy blend (body and fullness) and two are the Revitalizing (cleanse and nourish) blend. Their formulas consist of 13 organic plant extracts and oils meant to nourish the hair and scalp. They are also sulphate free! I plan to take these to New York next week (BlogHer) and will replace the hotel shampoo and conditioner bottles with these.

Lastly the box came with a 100% natural cotton sport pack, coupons, and a brochure highlighting the products and giving out online coupon codes for many of them for anywhere from 10% to 40% off online purchase.

You can join Ecocentric Mom here for as little as $17 a month and free shipping.

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

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Post Workout Snacking – Green Protein Shake & Cocomo Joe

by Tiffany in Healthy Eating

I am on a protein shake roll lately. This is my third this week. After today’s CrossFit class I made the green monster you see below.

Made with coconut milk, protein powder, Superior Greens powder, some frozen peaches/cherries, and some ice cubes. Yes, that is a pickle jar. ;)

I also had a Cocomo Joe bar. It is paleo and made with nuts, coconut, fruit, chia seeds, and other ingredients like maca root, all organic. My hubby really likes them but I think they are just “okay”. I am pretty sure the maca root tastes like to soap to my palate. The Cocomo Corn, however, is to die for. I rarely eat corn on a paleo diet but once in awhile I have some kettle corn or caramel corn and and you can’t go wrong with this organic popcorn sweetened with coconut sugar. Yum!!! If you have a weakness for kettle corn like I do, try it now…


Berry Coconut Protein Shake

by Tiffany in Recipes


I don’t drink protein shakes very much anymore because I am not lacking for protein on a paleo diet but I still like to drink one every once in awhile. Plus, I spent all day outdoors in the hot, hot sun yesterday so the idea of a cold shake appeals to me right about now.

This delicious concoction included:

Homemade coconut milk/cream made with Coconut Cream Concentrate from Tropical Traditions
A half scoop of vanilla protein powder
A packet of Superior Purples powder
Ice cubes

It was yum and refreshing on this oh so hot day. Enjoy!