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Become a Farmer

Smiling farmer woman standing by cattle outside

Perhaps you imagine that to be a farmer you must have a hundred acres of tillable land, a big red barn, cows grazing in a green field, rows of corn and a big flock of chickens in the barnyard. Yes, this is the most popular image conjured when one thinks of farming but it is only one version of farm life.

Nowadays many people have added a few chickens to their household so they can enjoy farm fresh eggs. Others are growing green bean and strawberries in their backyard gardens. These may not be your conventional farmers but generally they are the same…being concerned with plowing, seeding, weeding, harvesting, feeding and caring for their livestock…just like larger scale farmers. Taking on a farmer’s life…even on a small scale can bring many benefits. Here are a few of those benefits:

1. Growing and eating your own local food means that you are helping conserve energy and natural resources.

2. You are teaching your children self sufficiency.

3. You have the opportunity to grow organic food and organic livestock, which are infinately more healthful and delicious.

Here are few articles of interest for anyone wanting to add a little farming to their lives :)

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The Advantages for Children Involved in Raising Farm Animals

Saturday, December 10th, 2005

3 Comments on Become a Farmer

  • Leslie

    I love this concept. As a city dwelling girl I would never have considered myself a farmer but maybe I can re-think that!

  • Walter Jeffries

    You are ever so right on all three points. Farmsteading, as I like to call it, also brings us closer to our food so we appreciate it more.

  • Thank you for these links. Our plans for our new home include a lot of these ideas, we hope to teach our children to be more self sufficient as well :)