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What I Love About gDiapers

by Tiffany in Birth & Baby

gdiapersOkay well I have never tried a gDiaper. I guess that is because I do not have public sewer service…I have a septic tank that if broken would be on my dime to repair. So the thought of a flushable diaper scares me just a bit. I have to admit also that as a die hard cloth diaper user I was not so enchanted when I first heard of gDiapers either but have since changed my opinion. That being said I can now say that I love the the idea behind the product, the environmental issues that these products address, and the amazing people behind the company. On my cloth diaper blog I have posted a few reviews that people submitted to me and amazingly enough both owners of gdiapers have posted useful comments on the blog to help my readers understand these products a bit better. That level of customer service and dedication amazes me.

If not for my septic tank concerns I would not hesitate to try these products just because the owners seem to be such good people and how often can we say that about the products we use. I think I may just have to order some so I can use them when I get back to my place in Ohio this summer.

So what is a gDiaper? As their web site says “Imagine taking your baby’s soiled diaper and simply flushing it down the toilet. No more smell. No more diaper. No more diaper pail. You’re putting waste right where it belongs, in the toilet. Not in a landfill. That’s exactly how gDiapers work.”

Sunday, November 12th, 2006

7 Comments on What I Love About gDiapers

  • Hey, I use gDiapers sometimes and like them, but they scratch my baby’s skin if she’s not wearing pants. i had this problem with my petite boys too (not with my daughter… it seems to be an issue with skinnier thighs).

  • Hmmm, I think I will not have to worry about skinny thighs. My son has the chunkiest thighs ever! :)

  • thetamama

    I love the gDiapers. They are a wonderful cross between a cloth diaper and a disposable. There is a lot of convenience with them as they are easy to use yet there is little waste with them. You only have to wash the covers, not the entire diaper which saves a lot of water and hard work. They are a bit pricey though and actually about the same cost to use the eco-friendly disposables. They are worth it if you are tired of washing diapers and worried about the water used. Some Mom’s won’t pay for them and would just rather use disposables for the same price. My husband doesn’t like them either and complained about a couple of blow-outs. Overall, I think they are fantastic and they should be tried out by Mom’s. Some will love them and others might not like them. For me, I really like them.

  • Val

    These are the best! I had always been curious about cloth diapers, but never really had the time to invest in them. Aaron has had super diaper rash for 17 months and even a yeast infection once. The whole time he has worn disposable diapers.
    When I was in Sunshine Food Store the other day, I noticed these cute little gdiapers and thought why not give them a try. It wasn’t like the rash could look any worse. This is kind of a hybrid diaper. It has a diaper insert (chlorine free…all kinds of other free things too) that you can (gasp!) flush. No more poopy smell in the house. No more bagging the diaper and carrying it outside. The cute cloth diaper cover is wonderful and don’t it look so much better than those plastic disposables. Best of all it isn’t any more expensive that I can tell. Especially if you are already spending lots of $$$ on diaper rash ointment. And you wouldn’t believe what is in the other diapers you are putting on your baby!
    So went back and got another starter pack. Now we have blue, green, orange, and red. And I found out that those disposables don’t decompose for 500 years! OMG! I couldn’t believe that.
    I am now going to preach the gdiapers gospel to anyone who will listen. Check out their website You can’t go wrong with these and you won’t be adding to a landfill somewhere either. Plus your baby’s bum will look cuter than ever.

  • Heather

    I mostly cloth diaper but Love these for when we are on the go!…That way I dont have to bag up dirty cloth and cart it around!

    They IMO are to expensive for full time use, and Franky I Love my cloth diapers.

  • Vicky

    I saw gDiapers on sale at! I’ve been thinking about trying gDiapers but been told not to be too enthusiastic though because for some babies, they’re just very leaky. We’ll see…

    Also, regarding, if you haven’t used the site before, it’s one of my favorites for diapers. They deliver free and fast (2 days) for orders over $49 (sadly, not hard to do when there are diapers involved it seems) and their prices are lower than most stores.

    Use the coupon code DOLLARSOFF for $10 off your total, but you have to have diapers (any kind) in your shopping cart for it to work.

    They also accept paper coupons for diapers, wipes, and formula. If you have a coupon for diapers, you mail it in and they credit your account with the coupon savings for future purchases.

    They do price-matching as well, which is the way to go when online shopping for big ticket items. I emailed them about a site that was selling the same breast pump for a lower price and they matched the price!

    If you’re at the checkout page, there’s a description about a free Parent Magazine offer on the lower left side of the page. Instead of getting the magazine subscription, you print out a form, fill it out, mail it in, and receive a $14-$15 rebate check instead from (I’m still waiting for mine though)

  • Natalie

    I love the gdiapers. I was tired of knowing that all of my girls diapers ended up in landfills. I have tried EVERY kind of washable diaper they all leak, however, I founf the gdiaper after I ahd my second daughter and they work great! Although they are partially disposable I am at ease knowing that the diapers can be thrown away, flushed or composted…. :-) AND THEY DONT LEAK! EVER!