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Glass Baby Bottles

by Tiffany in Birth & Baby

A lot of natural moms have asked me in the last few months what they can do to avoid using plastic baby bottles. I usually tell them that they can always go with the old standard….glass baby bottles. Nowadays they are super cute and they are actually much safer than plastic when you consider that plastic can leach chemicals.

When heated, five of the most popular brands of polycarbonate — the clear, shatterproof plastic used in baby bottles — leached bisphenol A at levels that have been found to cause harm in laboratory animals, Environment California found.

Even at low levels, bisphenol A has been linked to abnormalities in the mammary and prostate glands and the eggs of laboratory animals, scientists say. Animal tests also show bisphenol A can speed up puberty and add to weight gain, and may cause changes that can lead to breast and prostate cancer. Understandably parents are concerned and so many of them are concerned that glass bottles have become hard to find there and even some places online. I found plenty on Amazon.

One of the originals is a bottle by Born Free if you are not comfortable with glass bottles and their potential breakage factor. Born Free makes BPA-free plastic baby bottles, training cups, and sippy cups.

The popular bottle company Dr. Brown has also released a glass bottle line.

Also check out the Evenflo Cozy Glass Bottle with Sleeve, 3-Pack – Glass bottles with a comfy sleeve to protect the bottle from breakage.

My favorite glass baby bottles are the ones seen in the above photo by Lifefactory. The bright colored silicone sleeve helps to protect the bottle from breakage and provides a great gripping surface and tactile experience during feeding. Bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalate, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) free, silicone sleeve is non-toxic and free of plastics, silicone nipple is non-toxic and latex-free, plastic ring, plug and cap are FDA approved

Now of course breastmilk is best for babies. I breastfed all three of my babies but some families do use bottles for breastmilk and water and some just use bottles period. I know when I was diagnosed with cancer and was hospitalized for a lengthy period of time, my son had to start taking a bottle for half a dozen reasons including the fact that I was on some very nasty drugs at the time. I am thankful there are healthy options.

glass baby bottles

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

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