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Blog Action Day – How I am Going to Get Active!

by Tiffany in Environment, Political Action

I couldn’t decide what to write about for blog action day since so many of my daily posts are about the environment. Then I thought maybe I could view it as a real “action” day and evaluate what I am doing to further environmental causes and what I could be doing still. So today I am going to make a few resolutions for evironmental action.

For me this is a bit different then the every day lifestyle choices I make or the products I buy. I am talking specifically about being an activist…what can I be doing more of in that respect? And since this blog deals with addressing these issues as a family…how can I get everyone involved?

Things I resolve to do this year for Blog Action Day:

* Volunteer my family to assist with an Earth Day event in my community

* Go to at least one Columbus Green Drinks event every quarter and network with my fellow activists and get more involved in my community

* Attend at least two community clean-ups with my kids

* If possible I would like to attend at least one peaceful protest with kids as well.

* Every other month (weather appropriate) take the kids to volunteer for farm chores at the Stratford Ecological Center farm

* Sponsor a needy family and give them organic/local produce from our garden next year

* Attend at least two action events sponsored by my local Sierra Club chapter

* Help my fellow Ohioans keep up to date on environmental issues that impact us…I have already gotten a head start here.

* Be the change I seek

Oh… and one product/choice change….be either driving or well on my way to driving… a bio fuel car this time next year.

I plan on updating this blog along the way and of course sharing my success next year on this day. My feet are to the fire. It seems kind of fitting that I ran across this wonderful Greenpeace video today too:

So what about you…leave me a comment and name at least one way you plan to step up your environmental activism in the next year.

And do not forget to sign Mr. Linky (below)  if you are participating in Blog Action Day…I would love to read your post!

Since local money goes twice as far I am donating all blog earnings today to The Statford Ecological Center.

  • Choc Mint Girl

    WoW…that’s a long list, but really hope you’ll manage to accomplish all :)
    I participated in Blog Action Day as well. Come and visit me!! Oh yeah, all the best with your resolution!! :)

  • Erin

    Your blog is great and I know you are in Ohio so I thought this would be interesting. The Bioneers is a national conference focusing on social change, environmental change and generally practical solutions. I am on the committee for the Traverse City Michigan satillite and Clevaland ,Ohio is having their first conf. this year. The main site is
    Hope you find it to be a good source!

  • Erin

    Sorry Cleveland, didn’t mean to spell incorrectly!

  • Sharon@New Urban Mom

    Now that’s a great list – very doable and practical. I like the idea about sponsoring a local family in need and introducing them to sustainable/organic foods.

    I just had lunch with an old friend who was never much of an environmental person. I got a wake up call when she told me she was driving a hybrid car! That ended up being my blogaction topic. So I share your goal about getting a hybrid car.


  • half pint pixie

    Impressive list, I would love to start an organic garden. We only moved into a house this year after years of apartment living so I finally have a garden at my disposal :)

  • Laura @ Laura WIlliams’ Musings
  • Lauren

    Great list, Tiffany. I love the sponsoring a needy family with organic veggies and the stuff you want to do with the kiddos. Just yesterday I had 2 enviro geared moments with my boys. We ventured to Target and there was a McD’s bag blowing around. My 8 year old jumped on it and stuffed it into the nearby garbage can. Later, my 5 year old unwrapped some candy he had gotten and handed me the wrapper saying firmly, “Mommy, do NOT throw that out the window”. lol…as if I’ve ever done that in my life (seriously…never have). Still…I gotta be a little proud, ya know? Its nice when you see it all sinking in.

  • wow – great list!
    i plan to have a bigger organic garden next year, continue to compost regularly and i’m sure i’ll think of other things as well.
    happy blog action day!


  • Thanks organic garden is high on my list this year. Last year we hadn’t moved into our new place in time so we went the community garden route and that was nice but there is nothing like walking out your back door and picking a fresh bell pepper!

  • I sooooo want a hybrid… it’s on my wish list!

  • Your blog has always been such an inspiration to me. Thanks for all the work you put into sharing what you know about caring for the environment.

  • great list, great blog. thanks for writing….

  • Sharon@New Urban MOm

    Hi Tiffany – have you met Kim from MM – she’s got a great post for BlogAction Day? I think you lead the way in green advocacy among our group and posted a link to your blog on her site –

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  • Thanks Sharon! I didn’t realize so many MM members were particpating. :)

  • Andy in San Diego

    Great list. Hopefully you realize that biofuels are an improvement over fossil fuels (in some ways) but not a solution to our oil dependency or global warming/pollution. Nor are hybrids. Anyway, in the meantime you can improve your gas mileage in many (simple) ways. Google “improve gas mileage” and “hypermiling”.

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