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Friday Wrap – Crafty Stuff

by Tiffany in Crafts, Tidbits

friday wrap upTGIF! Have an awesome weekend everyone! I just got my taxes done so I know I for one have a huge weight off my shoulders and I am ready for some fun.

All last week I kept thinking I need some sort of mail/bills organizer to hang on the wall. I assumed that plastic is what I would find along these lines but yet I couldn’t find anything that was like what I envisioned. Then I came across this blog post with instructions for making one out of a linen dishcloth…which I have dozens of. Wow! This is perfect…I will be making this very soon hopefully.

I heard through the grapevine among homeschoolers here in Ohio that many local zoos and museums are offering free admission to all on President’s Day. I have heard that several states do this so you may want to check in your area to see if you can attend a local zoo or museum for free that day. I tell ya…the homeschoolers know how to scope out the deals…they are a wealth of knowledge…even if you don’t homeschool.

Plan on doing any toy shopping? I found a great article at Generation Orange with 10 Things to Look for When Toy Shopping. I like number 7:

Get your kids moving! Toys that promote jumping, running, skipping or any other physical activities are great to burn calories and encourage healthy living.

Another cool crafty project I found was this one about hacking your swiffer. I don’t have a swiffer but if I did this would be pretty nifty. They show how to use rags, old T-shirts, even a custom knitted or crocheted swiffer cover. Cool!

And this is pretty cool too. Upcycling your plastic water bottles. It shows how to take plastic bottles and upcycle them into something more useful than just a single-use water bottle. They have a slick adapter to turn just about any PET plastic bottle into a plant watering can.

And last…I know I have quite a few non-vaccinating parents that read this blog and if you are anything like me people try to guilt you by telling you that vaccines saved millions of lives and we would be lost with out them…yada, yada, yada. In debating this very issue I came across a great set of graphs that show concretely what several anti-vaccine scientists and experts have been saying….diseases were on the decline on their own due to increased hygiene and an adequate diet. Don’t fall for the scare tactics…they don’t hold any weight.

Well, that’s all folks…have a great weekend!

Friday, February 15th, 2008

4 Comments on Friday Wrap – Crafty Stuff

  • I’ve been hacking my swiffer by just wrapping a rag around it and stuffing the corners into the same corners that you’re supposed to stuff that disposable cloths in. There’s really no good reason to buy those silly things.

    Dawn’s last blog post..You Win Some and You Lose Some

  • I don’t have a Swiffer, but I gotta plug this really high quality microfiber mop I do have, it’s called the ACT Natural. It’s about 8 years old and going strong, but my Mom has a Swiffer and when I use hers I wrap a microfiber cloth around it and it works much better than the disposable cloths.

    Amazon also has some nice Swiffer-esque microfiber elastic pad things.

    Carrie’s last blog post..Salad Saturday!

  • Thanks for the vaccination chart – I know I’ve been stumped on how to answer that in the past. Now I know what to say!

    Sheryl’s last blog post..Dead dogs

  • zoe

    I really like your site. So much information all in one post! I like the hacking the swiffer idea, although I have become quite attached to the swiffer wetjet. While I have switched other household cleaners to basic vinigar, water, and baking soda for the most part I have a dog that has a major bladder problem and the wetjet has really made my life amazingly easier. BUT if I could figure a way to refill the containers with my own homemade floor cleaner that would be perfect!