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The Big Green Spring Clean

by Tiffany in Green Cleaning

spring-clean-bannerWell, it is that time. Time for spring cleaning. This week I did a lot of thinking about what exactly I need to do and I will have my hands full for sure. This is that once a year time when my house gets scrubbed until it looks like brand new inside and out. I’m talking about being on my hands and knees with a toothbrush in hand. ;) I also use this time to get organized (or try), fill up Freecycle donation boxes, gather stuff to host a yard sale, and make my own yard sale wish list. This year I need to spring clean especially bad. This spring marks one year in my house and we were in such a rush to move in after more than a month in a hotel that we didn’t clean much upon moving in and the house had been empty for well over a year.

I have boxes of stuff in my basement that I never opened and went through. I have an unorganized laundry room (read: clothes all over floor), my bed linen closet is a horror, I have many walls that need a coat of zero VOC paint, a light on a vaulted ceiling has been burnt out since we moved in, my kitchen cupboards are so stuffed they won’t close, and dagnabbit I can’t find my darn sewing machine and I want to sew some stuff! This is the tip of the iceberg.

So…I am putting my feet to the flame here. I am starting a big green spring clean and I will chronicle the journey here and yes I will be posting BEFORE pictures so you can know my shame. :(

What I plan to accomplish:

1. A clean home using green and natural cleaning products.

2. An organized home with less clutter.

3. A more simplistic home with less stuff I don’t need.

4. A clear idea and list of stuff I DO need. Then I plan to shop at yard sales, estate sales, and thrift stores as much as I possibly can and not buy new.

5. More organized play/fun/crafting/art areas set up for myself and the kids so we won’t be constantly running out of supplies or making such a mess. And of course more fun is good too. :) We also need areas for homeschool projects.

Want to join me? Blog along with me and document your own “Big Green Spring Clean!”. Feel free to grab the banner at the top of this post if you want to. I have a smaller one too. Let’s see what we can accomplish together…

  • Kelly

    Great idea! I was thinking something along the same lines myself-NEXT week. Because there is just so many toys everywhere I look. This is the week of doctor’s check ups and dentist appts. So I will live vicariously through your cleanup and dream about a clutter free home!

    Kelly’s last blog post..Why Cloth Diapers?

  • Great idea, I was thinking the same thing. Especially about writing a list of things I would need/want and going to garage sales etc. Also, with the warmer weather comes yard maintenance and this year we are not using any lawn company that will just spray chemical all over the grass. We are also going to focus more on planting native plants.

    I am phasing out all my old toxic house cleaners and finding new and green way to clean.

    It is a process that takes time, as you said before.

    blogversary’s last blog love for barney

  • Jen

    I’m so glad you are doing this! I am in dire need of a clean–out and up–and this is just the motivation I need to get it done! I’ll post before pictures too, just to keep me honest ;)

    Jen’s last blog post..Bragging again, are we?

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  • Writing stuff makes you more accountable. I still have boxes from our move three years ago. I’ve decided to make sure nothing meaningful is in those boxes and then donate them. If I haven’t needed it in three years why keep it? Great post!

    Sommer’s last blog post..Win a BPA FREE CamelBak Water Bottle (no fooling)!

  • Casey

    I am ready to start as well, and I am excited about it actually. It is nice to get everything fresh and clean.

  • I am glad you are doing this too. I have so much to do as well. Painting and washing the living room curtains priorities for me.

  • mary

    I have just purchased the Clorox new green cleaners. I love them. I still use borax, baking soda and vinegar, but for cleaning in a rush these are great.

    Like you I have donated old clothes, I have good condition clothes and toys to be taken to a consignment shop (25% of the sales go to a scholarship fund) I need to do a deep cleaning like you said. I “heart” cleaning with a toothbrush.

    Decluttering is a never ending job. I have been very good lately with not purchasing junk and things I don’t need. (no money helps with that also)

    Love the blog.

  • Hi Tiffany,blogversary, Jen, Michelle, Sommer, Casey and Mary
    I’m all signed up and looking forward to this. I cleaned out the car yesterday and I’m off to do a spot of decobwebbing now.
    Kelly, I hope you get on well next week; purging toys feels so good! Sommer I so agree with you about writing making you feel accountable. It’s like a burdern has been lifted once you write, but you know it to be true……..

    Good luck everyone and thanks for setting up this challenge, Tiffany!

    Mrs Green x

  • Beth Kulick

    OMG… I’m already nesting (37.5 weeks along) and this is soooo going to make it worse. Thanks for the motivation though, there is so much in my home I want to do.

  • I have decided to join you I cant wait thanks for sharing and letting us play along with you

    Tamara Wilson’s last blog post..Tell Me Thursday April 3

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  • Rebecca

    These tips will keep me motivated during my own spring cleaning. Thanks for starting this!

    Rebecca’s last blog post..Keep Your Baby Clothes Organized

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  • Leslie-La Mama Naturale’

    Hi there,
    I really enjoy your site- it’s very informative! I would like to join!! Spring Cleaning has me in a frenzy- I’m hoping this will be a way to help sort out my mind and the items that need to be organized…lol!!!

  • BabyGanics

    Spring cleaning can be tough. We know lots of moms who aren’t exactly looking forward to that time of the year. We’d like to encourage everyone to use safe and friendly household solutions in cleaning. Good luck!