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Non Toxic Shower Curtains and Bath Toys

by Tiffany in A Green Home, Children

Well, this is not big news. PVC is a bad thing to expose our family to. It has, however been getting a lot more bad press lately and rightly so….the CHEJ has a 40 page report about it called Volatile Vinyl. PVC is also referred to often as the poison plastic. One of the products that we are especially being warned about is shower curtains. The report especially lambasted them. Just look at this table I snagged from the report:

Toxic ingredients in Shower Curtains

Shower curtains seem so innocent but they pack a nasty chemical punch! I don’t have any shower curtains…only glass doors…so I do not have to worry about this issue but I did make a list of safe shower curtains that have no PVC or other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Hopefully this list will help some people phase out their PVC shower curtains.Hemp Shower Curtains

Hemp Shower Curtain

Organic Hemp Shower Curtain

EVA Vinyl Shower Curtains – These are PVC free and they come in many great designs that are educational too! They actually help you learn about things from weather to the periodic table. What better way to spend shower time?

Metamorphosis Shower Curtain – EVA vinyl

Periodic Table Shower Curtain – EVA vinyl

Dinosaurs Shower Curtain – 100% EVA vinyl

Periodic Table Shower Curtain – EVA vinyl

Weather Shower Curtain – EVA vinyl

Olive Kids Shower Curtains for Kid Friendly Bathrooms:Olive Kids Non Toxic Shower Curtains

Pirate Shower Curtain

Wild Animals Shower Curtain

PVC Free Bath and Shower Toys –

Sitting Duck Bath Toy – Natural Latex Rubber – No Phthalates or BPA

Bath Splash Fun Set 5 pieces PVC-Free

Nesting Stacking Cups 5 pieces PVC-Free

Gone Fishin’ – Pond

  • I was just thinking of finally decorating our downstairs bathroom (we’ve lived here 5 years, so it’s about time) so your article is timely for us! How did you find out the Olive Kids curtains are PVC free? I just noticed it never really said in the description.
    Love you blog, just discovered it recently!

  • Thanks Lynnie! The Olive Kids shower curtains are 100% cotton.

  • Great post :) Thankfully, I don’t have a shower curtain, but I’m interested in the toys. Thanks!

  • Sharon

    I love the Olive Kids shower curtains, but don’t you need a liner with them??? Many of those are full of harmful chemicals.

  • Mircalla

    Are all EVA vinyl shower curtains PVC free?

  • Emily

    I found a liner on and it is made of EVA, and is ten bucks.