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Intak Water Bottle by Thermos

by Tiffany in Natural Product Reviews

I have always had a favorite water bottle and his name is Mr. Klean Kanteen. But step aside Klean because you may have been replaced. Okay maybe not replaced, but you will now have to share your coveted position in my cupboard. Make room for the sleek and ingenious Intak by Thermos.

I wondered how I would like the Intak but I can now say I am a huge fan and while the Intak is a reusable (green) water bottle it does have a big strike against it…it is plastic. BPA free, safe plastic but plastic none the less. But am an ardent admirer now and I will tell you why.

The Intak is a great sports bottle…emphasis on sports, activity, hiking backpacking, camping, etc.  In that respect the Intak wipes the floor with heavier stainless steel bottles. I personally do not like to take Klean Kanteens on hikes or when camping because it is heavy and when backpacking or day hiking weight is extremely important. Backpackers know the full weight of their packs down to the ounce…just look at backpacking gear in a sporting goods store and look to see how they put the weight on everything. Sigg is not as heavy but it also has another problem that it shares with KK. They are cold. If I put a cold liquid in either of these bottles, the temp transfers to the outside and it can be very uncomfortable to hold onto such a cold bottle, especially in winter. An insulated bottle somewhat fixes this but it adds weight. This problem is not as pronounced with plastic.

Also, when backpacking or camping I sleep with my water bottle in cold weather to keep it from freezing. I know I don’t want to sleep next to a cold metal bottle. ;)

Beyond that, the Intak has an ingenious design…the best I have seen. The bottle portion is long and sleek with ridges along one side to help with grip. It has an ounce measuring line on the other side so you can keep track of how much you are drinking. This leads to another reason why plastic as opposed to stainless steel makes a better sports bottle…you can see the water levels. Knowing how much water you have is important when backpacking or camping.

The Intak has a push button on the cap and with one push the top pops open so you can grab the bottle, pop the top, and drink all with one hand! To prevent you from accidentally opening it you can put a little metal flap over the button to keep it from engaging….perfect.

AND it also has a sturdy plastic loop on the back of it so you can attach it to a pack or belt if you want to. This is a great feature. It even rated a mention by The New York Times as a great bottle for sports enthusiasts.

It is made of plastic that is BPA free so you don’t have to worry about toxic leaching into your water. You can also put in on the top rack of the dishwasher.

It comes in blue and purple, green, and pink. If you are a die hard stainless steel fan they even have a SS version!! I have the blue one as you can see above and below. If you are in the market for a reusable bottle this is a good one! The $11.00 price tab is great too.

Update: 7/31/2011 – Still using this bottle and it is the one that I reach for quite often! When we went hiking in the Hocking hills region of Ohio just today I grabbed this lightweight bottle without hesitation and it was cinch to carry all day long.

Intak Water Bottle by Thermos

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

14 Comments on Intak Water Bottle by Thermos

  • Julie

    Super cool!! I have a Klean Kanteen as well, but like you said when you go camping it would be nice to have something that is plastic when it is cold during the evening. Thanks for sharing!!

  • I love the Kleen Kanteen too, but recently discovered ecoUsable bottles, and love the hour glass design! Check out the review my friends from *FAT gave it here:

  • this was a great review. i’m going to have to look for one of these!

  • Great to know, I’ll be on the look out for these!

  • Alicia @ The Soft Landing

    I’ve tried every single BPA-free plastic water bottle on the market, and this is by far my favorite. It’s makes drinking all that darn water so much easier!

  • I will have to give this one a try. I haven’t been sent a sample for review but I’ll go get one of my own. Thanks!

  • HealthNut

    I am looking for a good water bottle. This sounds like exactly what I want, thanks so much for posting.

  • cosmicsoda

    I got a Target gift card for the holidays and was looking to replace a great nalgene bottle that went missing. I’ll be giving this one a try. Thanks much for the review and photos!

  • stephen

    i’ve had one of these for months and i really love it. it’s super-convenient and easy to handle, whether at the gym, on a hike, or at my desk. once your figure out how, you can easily screw the lid on to that it fits nicely in your dominant hand – love for lefties and righties! i just used the ring on my caribinier this weekend while doing some bouldering and it worked great. highly recommended!

  • Lisa

    This bottle is def great, but it does not keep your water cold very long. The ice melts pretty quick.

  • Daria

    This truly is the BEST water bottle I found — Target had them in a bulk 2 pack for I think $12.99 a few months ago. Not sure if they still have them…………..wishing they had a shorter one for kids with the exact same top. I really don’t like the straw-type bottles for kids — to much bacteria inside those straws!!

  • Jim

    I found one of these on the clearance table at OfficeDepot and bought it on a lark. It is absolutely one of the best water bottles I have ever used. I’ve never been big on carrying water around with me, but I do now.

    The design is so elegant. One-handed use. Push the button to pop the top and it flips open ready to drink. Worried about leakage? — the wire loop keeps the lid from accidentally popping open. Like a little lemon or lime? — squeeze in a wedge and drop it in, it comes out easy when done and the bottle is easy to clean. Wondering how much you drink in a day? — the clickie counter works nice to track how may time you refilled over the day.

  • Emily

    Hello! Great product, it’s awesome to see more people switching from bottled water to reusable bottles. I personally love Klean Kanteen, I’ve used one of their bottles faithfully for a while now. But then I stumbled on this blog, and I figured I’d just say thanks for also choosing to go green!

    Thanks for the blog and keep up the great green work! :).

  • Tiandragriffus

    i have a pink one i love it