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Garden Tool Sets and Gear for Children

by Tiffany in Gardening

Garden Tool Sets and Gear for ChildrenChildhood is a time of curiosity, exploration, and joy. A garden of is one of those mysteries of life that can bring wonderment and joy to our children and it is such an educational experience for them. Not only are they able to have a hand in bringing forth new life, kids benefit from being involved in an outdoor activity that enhances their health and an appreciation for natural environments.

Digging in the soil and tending their garden will always be among the top things children love to do.  We can help them out by purchasing child size and age appropriate tools for them. I know my kids absolutely love to have their own tools and gloves. It makes them all the more eager to get out and garden with me.

Here are some really great garden finds for kids:

ToySmith Garden Tote with Tools– An adorable tote bag with pockets for all their gardening tools. It comes with three sturdy tools for them… a trowel, rake and a shovel. They are metal tools with wood handles. The canvas bag is also sturdy with cute pictures of ladybugs and frogs, making it appropriate for boys or girls. Every time they head out to the garden they can grab their bag and they are ready to work!

For bigger tools and bigger jobs kids might need these garden tools. The set comes with a garden rake, spade shovel, hoe, and leaf rake.  they are sturdy tools made with wood handles and metal. I love the bright colors.

This Sassafras Ladybug Garden Apron Set is adorable and will help them keep some of the dirt off their clothes. It has a lime green apron with an embroidered ladybug, a pair of children’s gardening gloves, and a rake and trowel.

A watercan like this metal one is a must have for a child gardener. If your kids are anything like mine, watering is the best part of the process! Plastic watering cans are pretty much worthless IMO as they get cracked and broken if they are left in direct sunlight too much.

If you want help transferring loads of soil, compost, or weeds then you may want to get the kids their own wheel barrel. My oldest child can use and adult one, loaded by half, but my younger kids need a pint sized one like the Radio Flyer Kid’s Wheelbarrow. Very cute!

If you have kids that love bugs you may want to get one of these wooden Bug Bungalows. We have a couple and they are REALLY worth having. We find various bugs in our garden all the time since we do not spray. Usually I just relocate them but sometimes the kids like to house them in a Bug Bungalow for a couple days so they can study the bugs up close. My only rule is NO Wooden Bug Bungalow in the house.

If you live in an apartment or you just want to garden on a small scale… perhaps indoors there are some cool solutions for that too.

First there is the Green Toys Garden Set I reviewed a while back and also a VERY awesome set I just found recently. It is the Root-Vue Farm. When you garden outdoors much of the growing is done underground and kids never get to see that. With this unique Root Viewer, you can actually watch the “underground” growing process, from sprouting to full harvest. Grow and then eat radishes, carrots and green onions for a scientific salad! The Toysmith Garden Root Viewer is a similar product.

And… after a hard day’s work in the garden (inside or out) the kids might want a glass of fresh lemonade while they swing on this adorable tree leaf swing from Sassafras. Ah….the joys of spring and summer. Enjoy!

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  • great products, thanks for sharing! as i try to start my own veggies garden this year, i’d love to get my boys their own gardening tools so they can “help.”

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