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Little Green Star

Little Green Star Organic Shirt

One of the few NEW items my daughter will be sporting to school this year is an organic tee from Little Green Star. I made the commitment to buy mostly used and I am sticking to it. I make my final thrift store run next weekend. BUT I have no qualms about spending money on new clothes when they come from ethical companies with green values and Little Green Star is one of those companies IMO. And my daughter has to go to school with some shirts that declare our values right?

My daughter loves this natural tee with a ladybug on it that says “Ladies Don’t Litter”. It has become a motto for her and she goes around saying it all the time. And their other slogans are just as cute:

Peas Out
Water Pollution Makes me Crabby
Bee Green

I love that they have sizes for older kids (4-6T). It drives me batty when I see cute organic clothing and it is only for babies. The tees are 100% certified organic cotton and the designs are printed by hand with water-based inks that are PVC-free and phthalates-free. The prices are not out of ths world either.

Now that I have found my groove with used clothing, my new purchases are dwindling, but for Little Green Star I will make an exception.

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

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  • Kimberly

    You inspired me. I’m a teacher an need some new clothes for the start of school. I went to a local resell shop – got about $60 worth of clothing, if bought in department stores, for $16. Added benefit – I hate shopping because the noise, display clutter drive me nuts.

    Everything here was stripped down, easy to find information but not a bunch of competing colors and designs. I didn’t walk out with a headache and foul mood.

    Instead I headed to the nearby library, volunteered for an hour and picked up my books and movies.

  • I love Little Green Star. The owner, Victoria is great. My son has the Stargazer t-shirt.

  • What a great site! I book-marked it for holiday shopping! I would love to get my son the penguin shirt. We have had discussions about the melting ice caps and this would be perfect.

    Thanks for letting us know about the site! Their prices are pretty good too for organic.

  • i have noticed how hard it can be to find cute older kids organic tee’s too! Thanks for he tip :) Your daughter is such a cutie pie!

  • I made the same commitment as you. Not only does buying used help to cut down on waste and money spend but it also helps to cut down on toxins. Cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops. When you buy used, you are buying clothes that have likely been washed many times over. This means that you have less of a chance of exposing your child to the toxic chemicals found in most new clothing.

  • That picture is adorable. Love it! And, love the tshirt. I want one :)

  • Beth

    Any information on the country of origin for the Lil’ Green Star products? I went to the site, but no luck getting the information.

    Fair labor practices are also such an important part of values-based purchasing. I hope that Lil’ Green Star carries their commitment the whole way through.


  • Victoria

    Thank you Tiffany for the wonderful review!!! Your daughter is adorable and I’m happy she likes the shirt!!

    Thank you to all your readers too for their kind words :)

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