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How to Make a No Sew Draft Snake

by Tiffany in A Green Home

I love to sew but even I can appreciate simple no-sew craft projects. Since I was running short on time last week I didn’t want to lug out the sewing machine to sew up some draft snakes so I decided to get creative, and now I can’t see doing these any other way.

A draft snake is a tube of fabric filled with batting, fabric scraps, or another insulating substance like rice, or buckwheat. Actually rice and buckwheat are BETTER than batting or fabric scraps because the weight anchors them in place. You place draft snakes at the base of drafty doors to stop the air blowing in or on/in windows to do the same. They insulate your house and plug drafts. And they are SOOOO easy to make.

To make mine I went to a local thrift store and bought a couple pairs of girls cotton tights. Long socks, leg warmers and the arms of sweaters would work well too. Long socks and tights work the best if you don’t want to break out the sewing machine though.

I took a pair of black, cotton tights and cut the leg area away from the crotch piece. Then I put a twist knot in the foot area. This wasn’t actually necessary since the foot area was already closed but I wanted my draft snake to look like a tube… not a leg with attached foot, LOL. Then I used an empty mason jar to scoop rice out of a 25 pound bag and fill the tube. I like using a jar as opposed to a cup because I can fit the mouth of the tube around the neck of the jar and simply flip over and pour without spilling.

After it was filled to my liking, I placed a twist knot on the other end and voila! 

It took all of 5 minutes to do this project and I ended up with 2 draft snakes. How easy it that???! The only thing left to do was place both snakes in drafty windows.

Draft Snake in Window

Hope this helps you find an easy, low cost solution to your own draft problem!

  • Ally from Zwaggle

    Love it!

  • umm…yeah.

    i too love to sew….

    but this is an adorable mix of two of my most favorite loves…
    cool socks and creative crafty vibes.
    i even have a saying, “life is too short for white socks!”.

    great thing to do with socks that loose their matches to the evil void.

    done and done.

  • Carrie Naughton

    Thanks so much for this – I just made one today!