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Wean Green Glass Cubes Baby Food Containers!

by Tiffany in Birth & Baby

Wahoo! It is so darn easy to be a green parent these days. Seriously ya’ll having babies nowadays are really lucky. I missed all the adorable glass baby bottles with silicone sleeves, the BPA free baby gear, and now these glass baby food storage containers from Wean Green. They are stylish, safe, and green. How good will that homemade baby food look in these babies?

They come in a four pack and they have plastic locking lids so there is a bit of plastic but it is BPA, PVC, Phthalates, and Plasticizer free. Also made of 100% durable recyclable and sustainable glass with a silicone-sealed lid. Measuring lines at 30 mL, 60 mL and 90 mL to help you monitor food intake. Love the company name to… Wean Green… how cute is that?

Anyone tried these yet?

  • Melissa

    Thanks for the write up Tiffany!! In the spirit of the holidays I would love to offer your readers 15% off Wean Cubes (plus the free shipping promo) until the end of December! If any of you lovely mamas were hoping to purchase these for your little weaners head on over to the website and use the voucher code “naturemoms”

    Love the blog Tiffany:)


  • Absolutely adorable! Love the colors and all the “green” qualities! I don’t have any human children, but do have kitties these would be great for them too!

  • Kendra

    Yes, these are cute and I would like to have them for my 5mo. However, I cannot stomach the $20+ pricetag on these. Instead of buying something new, what about reusing? Personally, I’ve bought a few of the Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food, for less than a dollar each, then reused the glass (hence BPA-free) jars with my own organic purees. Sure these Wean Green containers are trendy, but not necessarily “green.”

    • True enough, although many people don’t buy processed baby food. Plus the jars have BPA in the lids.

  • Beth

    These look great!

    And I’m thinking they can have a much longer life than just baby food containers- I’m seeing snacks on the go for preschool and beyond, then household uses like storing spices, or craft and office supplies when the kids are grown.

  • Janet

    It is a neat idea but I prefer to freeze my baby food in 1 oz amounts and in bulk. I’d have at least 20 oz (in 1 oz ice cubes) of several types of food in my freezer at once. My 1st 2 didn’t eat much at a time; I didn’t push it either. I’d just use a cube at a time so I don’t see that I’d use these much. It is a good idea though.

  • This might even work with the Help Yourself Feeding Solution. It is the extra hand every parent needs. Comes with two removable BPA FREE, PHTHALATE FREE, Direct food safe, microwavable, dishwasher safe, antimicrobial cups. Baby food containers along with over 50 top ready made food brands like yogurts, applesauce, fruit cups and more fit too! I think these glass containers will fit in the cups to serve in the baby feeding tray.

  • shayna

    Those are awesome!!!!

  • Thank you!! I was googling looking for this exact thing for my baby girl, love these!