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Wooden Earbuds for Eco Fitness

by Tiffany in Fitness, Natural Product Reviews

My ten year old loves to listen to music while he roller blades… which is usually a couple hours each day. He all but commandeered my older iPod shuffle so this week I decided to just gift it to him. Perhaps I was just sick of hearing my son’s music.. “We Will Rock You” in particular.¬†Either way I got a new one for me and the husband. I use it at the gym and for meditation, he uses it while at work.

A new shuffle meant new headphones so I opted to get some of the new wooden earbuds I have been hearing about. The housing around the tip is Mohagony wood, the tips are plastic free silicone, and the cord is braided rope with wires on the inside. Supposedly the sound is supposed to be richer and warmer than regular earbuds but I couldn’t really tell much difference. Though I can’t have the volume very loud because my ears will start to hurt… a side effect of my cancer treatment was ear issues. The colon (what’s left of it) is okay but the ears are wacked, funny how that works. These earbuds do appear to be just a bit greener than other types and these particular ones have a lifetime guarantee, so hurray for that.

If you are in the market for any or your kids need some for school try some wooden ones. They work just as well and I think they are slightly cooler looking myself. You can buy some for anywhere from $20 to $50. Enjoy!

  • brandi

    Do you mean YAY for that? I keep seeing that mistake everywhere! Oh and I bought a vitamix! I couldn’t resist after hearing about all those yummy smoothies! I used it 6 times just today!

    • Excellent! We love ours too!

  • Lori Popkewitz Alper

    Thanks for the great headphone suggestion. We have so many pairs over here and none seem to work that well. It would be nice to have a greener option.

    I also noticed the comment about the Vitamix-and then read your review. I have been toying with getting one and it was nice to hear how much you love it. Do you put in fruit and veggies whole-seeds, peel etc…?

    • Yes, whole foods usually. I usually core apples and pears first though.

  • Sarah-Lyn

    I love that I discovered your blog when doing my own research for mine!!

    Just thought I would share with you this link because I used one of your photos and added a create to my blog :)


  • Dannielle

    Ecobuds are on for $13.99 a pair for the next couple of days.

    I hadn’t heard of them until I read your post and then, wouldn’t ya know it, they popped up on a deal-a-day website I check often :) sweet!

  • Sports Earbuds

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