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TGIF! Date Night, Ethical Chocolate, and a Yogurt Giveaway

by Tiffany in Tidbits

Happy Valentine’s everyone! I did my Valentine’s date last weekend with my sweetheart and it was spectacular. In fact I had so much fun that I didn’t feel like blogging much this week. Just wanted to sit on the couch with my honey and snuggle. Oh well!

We went out for an early dinner and ate one of our favorites… sushi! We had a sushi place in Phoenix that we considered “our place” and had not had much luck finding a place like that in Columbus but I think we finally did. We got a sushi boat for two, salad, miso soup (which I picked the tofu out of), and mochi ice cream. All was delicious! After dinner we went exploring in Polaris mall and ended up getting a couples massage at an Acupressure place. Then we went to a theater and saw Chronicle. My husband got to pick but luckily we have the same taste in movies. It was really good and action packed. After the movie we both noticed how close we were to Powell and there is a Jeni’s Ice Cream in Powell so well, yeah we had to go out for ice cream… again. It was so nice to spend so much time together, just the two of us!!

This week I got my annual delivery of heritage seeds from Seed Saver’s Exchange. W got a lettuce mixture, Dragon carrots, Tennis Ball lettuce, Scarlet Globe radishes, Five Color Silverbeet swiss chard, Kale, and Red Butterhead Lettuce. This year we plan to grow our own salad bar and not grow any tomatoes, like last year. We had way too many!

I have been pinning up a storm on my Pinterest Gardening Board. I also have some good gardening posts from the past if you are interested: Getting Kids Excited About GardeningUrban Gardening for City FarmgirlsGarden Tool Sets and Gear for Children. I am excited for spring and for gardening!

Other cool links from the blogosphere:

Think Twice Before You Buy Hershey’s Kisses for Your Valentine by Diane at Big Green Purse. She shows how being selective with what chocolate we buy can help stop forced child labor. Amen!

Since I have been cooking with cast iron so much I needed this article about how to properly season your pots and pans. Great info!

I also liked this article from a fitness blogger who took on the subject of bladder challenges after childbirth. I had my own issues after birthing three, 9-10 pound babies and then I ran across a doctor who told me that Kegels were the worst exercise you could do to tighten this region and that they actually made the issue worse! This article and interview with a biomechanical scientist says the exact same thing. Instead of kegels we should be doing squats and trying to firm up our bums and thereby our pelvic floor. All I have to say is that after almost a year of squats in the gym, I am a big time believer.

Along those same lines a good book I have been hearing about is Lose Your Mummy Tummy. It discusses the fact that the abdominal muscles separate to allow for a growing uterus when we get pregnant. For some 98% of women that split never closes up totally and you get a bulging tummy long after you have your baby/babies. The author advises that sit ups and crunches make it worse  and she highlights some exercises that will actually help. After 3 babies and 2 abdominal surgeries (not c-sections) I am wary it could help me but I will give it a shot. ;)

Chobani Champions Yogurt Giveaway!!

Lastly I have a giveaway. Chobani yogurt recently sent me some of their Chobani Champions flavors for kids to try and they were big hit here. I have mentioned before that I am something of a Chobani addict. They are my favorite brand of Greek yogurt, or any yogurt for that matter. I sometimes feel guilty that I don’t buy the organic Greek yogurt that is out there but the flavor is just not as good so I hesitate to spend $2.00 a cup on something I don’t absolutely love. Chobani is pricey enough at $1.29 a cup and often times I am stingy with it for this reason. My kids loved having their own Chobani.

The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that the yogurt they sent is non-fat. I refuse to buy the non-fat Chobani varieties because I don’t believe our food should be non-fat. I refuse to jump on the low-fat bandwagon. If the folks at Chobani read this please provide full fat and organic options in the future please!

So… I have a case of the new flavors (3 packs Orange Vanilla/ 3 packs Vanilla Choc Chunk)  to give away to two readers. To enter just leave a comment and tell me if you eat yogurt in your house and what your favorites are. For an extra entry “Like” the Chobani Champions Facebook page and leave a second comment telling me you did so. Good luck and have an awesome weekend and Valentine’s Day!!

  • Marla

    We’re a Stonyfield family.  My husband and daughter both really like their Oikos, but we would be happy to try some Chobani; those flavors sound yummy!

  • Marla

    I just “liked” Chobani Champions on Facebook.

  • Tara Sabo

    OF COURSE we eat yogurt in my house! Well…mostly I do. Which is fine because then I don’t have to share :-) Thanks for the opportunity to win! I always buy Chobani but I haven’t tried these flavors yet. I’m sure they’re delish.

  • Tara Sabo

    I totally “like” Chobani Champions on Facebook.

  • Jessica F

    Yogurt is definitely a staple in our house and I love greek yogurt since it’s a little healthier.  I love eating vanilla yogurt with strawberries :)

  • Jessica F

    I like chobani champions on facebook!

  • Julie Laws

    my son loves yogurt one of his favorites is strawberry thanks

  • Julie Laws

    like chobani on fb Julie A Scott Laws

  • Mami2jcn

    We are yogurt addicts!  We love lemon, vanilla, and coconut flavors.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  • Mami2jcn

    I like Chobani Champions on FB with my username Mary Happymommy.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  • katherine d

    yup we eat a lot of blueberry yogurt

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (Dot) com

  • Yum! Vanilla with homemade pear perserves!

  • Oh and I “like” Cho Champs on fb!

  • I love yogurt!  I try to make sure I eat one a day.  I prefer Greek yogurt.  My favorite Chobani flavor is Pineapple!  The new Apple Cinnamon one is a pretty close one though.

  • I like Chobani Champions on Facebook!

  • Micheleh

    I love, love Liberte yogurt – Coconut!

  • Sam McCutcheon

    My toddler is addicted to the Chobani Champ honey-nana cups.  She refuses to eat meat, so this is an excellent way to make sure she gets the protein she needs.

  • Sam McCutcheon

    I like Chobani Champions on Facebook.

  • I’ve been following Katy Bowman’s blog religiously since I discovered it (you linked to her article about Kegels). Great stuff. I have 3 of her exercise DVDs and have made some changes in my own routine since finding out about her. Great stuff. I have a one finger diastasis which isn’t too bad for 5 pregnancies. Katy also has a lot of info on diastasis on her blog… it’s complicated, and has more to do with alignment and poor habits than pregnancy. :)

  • Belinda

    I “liked” the Facebook page!

  • Belinda

    I absolutely LOVE yogurt! I really like Chobani’s plain vanilla yogurt because then I can mix in yummy stuff like frozen blueberries and granola!

  • Mindy Choporis

    We love that they come in kid sizes.  I think my kids would like the orange vanilla.  I’m not so sure about that chocolate one though.

  • Teh Doll

    I love yogurt me and the kids eat it daily. Black cherry is my fav

  • Teh Doll

    like chobani on fb 
    Teh Doll