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Fitness Friday – Injuries Galore!

by Tiffany in Fitness

This week and last seemed to be plagued with injuries that put me off my fitness game. Last Thursday I was doing ball slam, box jumps and I jumped off of my box backwards and landed on the medball. I twisted my ankle and fell to the ground but I finished the WOD. My ankle hurt throughout the day but Arnica gel had it feeling good as new by the next day, until I walked 3 miles on it and then it swelled like a tennis ball. Oh well, more Arnica throughout the weekend and it felt great by Monday, even if I had a nasty bruise.

On Monday the warm up was 10 each arm bully band lunges/squats, 10 straight band lunges/squats, max straight pullups, 10 broad jump, squatted pass throughs, 400 meter run, 10 windshield wipers, 20 butterfly situps.The skill was 4 rounds Tabata each: KB swing (26 lb bell), GHD situps, SL push press (30 lbs), SL deadlift highpull with sandbag (30 lbs). WOD was 15 minutes 1 to infinity: situps, pushups, spidey lunges, squats, lunges.

By Monday night my neck was hurting and by 2AM I was in agony. I am not sure what I did to it but I felt like I had been in a car accident and had whiplash. I could barely turn my neck. Lots and lots of Arnica gel!

I skipped Tuesday due to my neck but by Wednesday I felt great. We did the same warm up as Monday followed by the skill which was was 8 rounds Tabata rowing. The WOD was 8 minutes EMOM 100 meter sprint, 1 tire flip (250lbs), 1 burpee. I chose and flipped successfully 8 times a 250 pound tire! Booyah!

Sadly I hurt myself AGAIN though and I am not sure how. My middle finger felt like I jammed it and was bugging me. By the next morning it hurt pretty badly and made closing my fist kinda hard. I also scraped a fair amount of skin off my shins moving floor mats (helping out because our gym is moving down the street). Still made it to class the next day though and oh…Arnica gel is taking care of the finger injury too. I seriously LOVE this stuff!

Anyway yesterday we did the same warm up as the previous days followed by the skill which was 7×3 pushups with 3 second hold and 7×3 wall squats with 2 second hold. The WOD was 100 DB thrusters and a penalty of 20 situps for every time you drop the dumbbells. I used 30 pounds and I did 40 penalty situps. GAWD those thrusters were awful!

Today I opted to rest because my back is bothering me (menstrual issue). I haven’t been taking my magnesium supplements and it really shows. If possible I will hit up another CrossFit class tomorrow.

What has your fitness routine looked like this week?

  • Eloise

    Way to go, lady! Keeping motivated (particularly after I get hurt) is my biggest excercise struggle.
    Don’t forget that ice and heat are great on sprains and strains, too!