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Vibram Five Fingers – Half Off Sale!

by Tiffany in Health & Healing

Vibram Five Fingers are one of my fave shoes brands. They are minimalist shoes that are oh so so comfy and good for the health of your feet. I credit them with helping me regain balance and strength in my toes and feet like I had in my younger years when I would go barefoot all the time. I wear toe shoes literally every single week day…to the gym where I run in them, jump in them, and lift heavy weights in them. My husband also wears them and he has the men’s version of the ones seen above.

Our only issue is that these shoes are notoriously expensive so we only buy during Cyber Monday sales which usually mean a 40-50% discount. For the next few days though you can get them for 50% off at Zulily. Just wanted to let other barefoot shoes fans out there know!

  • I’m seeing these around more and more often. I’m seriously starting to think about buying a pair!! Thanks for the sale link!