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Reclaimed and Recycled Dog Toys

by Tiffany in Natural Product Reviews

We don’t have any dogs in our home…yet. We badly want one but we are renters and it’s just too much stress to have a pet at this time. To get our fill we have to make regular trips to Nana’s house where there are two furbabies available to love on.

Every year the #1 Christmas gift priority award is bestowed upon those dogs by my kids. Forget everyone else in the family…as long as those doggies have full stockings we are all good.

This means I have to be on the lookout for more planet friendly options and there are many at the Only Natural Pet Store. I recently got an email highlighting their new 2 Ball Toss & Tug Toy. It’s a durable, inventive toy made entirely of reclaimed materials, making it more eco-friendly. The rope is repurposed climbing rope and the balls are reclaimed. Made in Colorado too! I know two someone’s named Zoey and Koko who would love these…


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Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

2 Comments on Reclaimed and Recycled Dog Toys

  • Linda

    I cut up long strips of scrap fabric and braided it into ropes for my dogs.  Free and eco-friendly!

    • Always the better way to go. :)